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Vectra Cognito now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Vectra AI, a leader in threat detection and response, today announced the availability of its Cognito platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure. Organisations interested in using the Vectra Cognito platform across cloud, data centre, networks and IoT/OT can now test or purchase Cognito on Azure Marketplace using their pre-existing agreements with Microsoft.

“MNP leverages cloud platforms to implement technology solutions for our clients at scale. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our teams support the migration of critical business applications and databases to the Azure cloud platform,” said Eugene Ng, Partner at MNP. “We are thrilled to have our cyber security partner Vectra AI software solution available to our clients in Azure Marketplace.”

Account takeover in Office 365 has become the largest security threat vector in the cloud. The strategic approach allows the attacker to gain access to the data and privileges associated with the compromised account and then work their way laterally through the network.

Vectra offers four applications on the Cognito platform to address these high-priority use cases:

  • Cognito Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD™ finds and stops attacks in enterprise SaaS applications and the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem. The application offers visibility into Power Automate, Teams, eDiscovery, Compliance Search, Azure AD backend, Exchange, SharePoint, third party SaaS providers and more.
  • Cognito Detect™ provides the fastest most efficient way to prioritise and stop attacks across cloud, data centre, applications, and workloads, as well as user & IoT devices and accounts.
  • Cognito Stream™ sends security-enriched metadata to data lakes and SIEMs in Zeek-format.
  • Cognito Recall™ is a cloud-based application that stores and investigates threats in enriched metadata.

Users of Vectra’s Cognito platform can combine cloud and data centre detections with in-depth information from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for greater context and stop attacks at the endpoint. Cognito is also seamlessly integrated with Azure Sentinel to create custom workbooks for enhanced investigation, correlation, and automation.

“Vectra is focused on making things easier for its customers. Whether that requires helping security teams see and stop the most sophisticated cyberattacks at scale, or making it quick and easy to find, buy and deploy industry-leading threat detection and response technology,” said Randy Schirman, Vice President. “For companies that rely on the global footprint, scalability, reliability and agility of Microsoft Azure, we now offer a one-stop shopping experience via a pre-approved and preferred purchasing channel.”

Vectra’s Cognito platform is available worldwide today on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Purchases made through the marketplace also help streamline billing and procurement for joint customers. To learn more, please visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace here.

The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling finished Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and premium datasets. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

About Vectra

Vectra® is the leader in threat detection and response – from cloud and data centre workloads to user and IoT devices. Its Cognito® platform accelerates threat detection and investigation using AI to enrich network metadata it collects and stores with the right context to detect, hunt and investigate known and unknown threats in real time. Vectra offers four applications on the Cognito platform to address high-priority use cases. Cognito Stream sends security-enriched metadata to data lakes and SIEMs. Cognito Recall is a cloud-based application to store and investigate threats in enriched metadata. Cognito Detect uses AI to reveal and prioritise hidden and unknown attackers at speed. And Cognito Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD™ finds and stops attacks in enterprise SaaS applications and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. For more information, visit