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SamsonVT triples headcount ahead of international expansion

Industry 4.0 tech start-up gears up for global growth


Manchester-based Industry 4.0 technology start-up, SamsonVT, has tripled its headcount over the last year as it gears up for international expansion – with the help of funding from Innovate UK.

The business has developed a suite of products and services that is enabling manufacturers to embrace Industry 4.0 technology. This includes SamsonCORE, which is replacing product manuals with 3D models hosted on an interactive digital platform, and SamsonBASE, an AI empowered predictive maintenance and condition monitoring solution.

SamsonVT is already working with a raft of innovative companies in the manufacturing and automotive space, including JCB, Snap-On and RS Components.

Since its inception in 2017, the start-up has grown rapidly. Previously a consultant, business analyst Matt Doran has recently been brought in as a permanent team member, marking the company’s eighteenth hire. Over the next twelve months, SamsonVT plans to double current headcount, to support its international expansion.

The company’s rapid growth has been supported by Innovate UK, which has provided a £500,000 grant to develop SamsonBASE – the maximum award amount Innovate UK offer.

SamsonVT is now looking to increase its global presence and is already working with international companies such as Japanese machine tool builder, Mazak, and participating in global industry events – most recently, leading Japanese manufacturing event, UKinJapan

Sam Burgess, CEO of SamsonVT, commented: “The company has grown substantially in the past year, despite the challenges of the pandemic. It’s clear that there’s a real appetite in the industry for intelligent solutions which enable companies to increase efficiency and make cost savings, and SamsonVT has scaled to meet this demand.

“Funding and the growth of our team will allow us to further expand our overseas operations and build the reputation of North West manufacturing tech in new markets.”

SamsonVT have also been selected to showcase their technology at the new Future Factory Centre opening in Liverpool.

This follows an exceptionally strong assessment score from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), a source of best practice in Industry 4.0, designed to champion British manufacturing on the global stage. SamsonVT scored in the top fifteen percent of performers in the MTC’s Supplier Readiness Assessment – far beyond what is usually expected of a company at this stage in their growth.

About SamsonVT

SamsonVT was born of frustration with the status quo, where product aftersales management is treated as an afterthought. SamsonCORE helps businesses to empower engineers on the ground, by replacing technical manuals with easy-to-follow 3D models on a digital platform, that is always up-to-date. This ensures maintenance can be carried out as efficiently as possible, saving businesses from costly delays. Simple to update across numerous languages, SamsonCORE also enables better on the job training and upskilling.

SamsonBASE is a condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution which provides manufacturing and engineering firms with the insights they need to eliminate costly machine downtime.  It can process health data from any type of machine, with any variables. By learning what typical operating statistics look like for individual assets, it can then alert users when health data falls significantly outside of ‘normal’. This enables companies to identify and correct faults before they become failures.