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Digitopia Provides Digital Maturity Assessment to Union of Arab Bank Members

The leading digital maturity consultancy has partnered with UABDigital to become the gold standard for digital maturity measurement and benchmarking in the Middle East and North Africa

11 May, London, UK – Digitopia, the leading digital maturity consultancy, headquartered in the UK, has today announced that it has partnered with UABDigital, the ecosystem digital transformation arm of the Union of Arab Banks (UAB), to help UAB members in their digital transformation efforts. Digitopia will consult on and support member banks in the Middle East and North Africa, and will assess, define and benchmark their digital capabilities to ensure world-class customer experience and operational efficiency.

Arab financial institutions are currently undergoing rapid and advanced digital transformation. Digitopia’s expertise in digital maturity, combined with UABDigital’s deep understanding of UAB member needs, will help member banks to align, assure, rationalise, prioritise and accelerate their digital transformation, ensuring sustainability and growth for the benefit of end-customers and the institutions themselves.

The partnership will also foster collaboration between member banks to ensure best practice and best of breed solutions.

“We welcome Digitopia to our ecosystem of technology and innovation partners at the Union of Arab Banks,” said Wissam H. Fattouh, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks. “The partnership with Digitopia is designed to strengthen the analysis and support of digital transformation needs and aspirations of our members by providing world class maturity assessment methodology and experience to bring additional clarity and future direction on the digital transformation journey to our members.

Digitopia’s solutions, which will be leveraged to assess the progress of digital transformation for UAB member banks, include:

Digital Maturity Index (DMI) – a comprehensive and accessible digital maturity model and methodology, analysing digital maturity levels across 6 core dimensions to provide an organisation’s personalised score

Digital Maturity Platform (DMP) – a maturity platform supporting a number of leading maturity models, providing real-time reporting and dashboards for organisational maturity and industry benchmarking

Halil Aksu, CEO and co-founder of Digitopia, will also be speaking at the Arab Digital Banks Summit, hosted by UAB and UABDigital over three days between 18th and 20th May. Aksu will take part in the Customer Experience in Banking panel, and will elaborate on how digital maturity contributes to developing a competitive edge. During the event, Digitopia will also be releasing its Digital Maturity Benchmarking results, brand new research that reveals the state of digital transformation in the banking and finance industry.

Halil Aksu, CEO and co-founder of Digitopia, said: “The Union of Arab Banks sits at the heart of digital transformation in the region and works in the best interests of its members. The Middle East is a strategic priority for Digitopia and our digital maturity methodology, model and platform has had a very positive response in this region.

“Partnering with the Union of Arab Banks was the logical next step and we are delighted to be able to help accelerate their member’s digital transformation journeys through an expert and consultative approach. We look forward to working together to deliver outcomes that are beneficial for the members’ end-customers, the financial institution themselves and the region overall.”

Suleiman Barada, Head of UABDigital and senior advisor at Union of Arab Banks, said: “Our role at UABdigital as a trusted advisor is to ensure that our members are not only making progress but also are deliberate on where exactly they want to go next, with full clarity, control, and objective measurement of the progress at every step along the digital transformation journey.”

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