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Certero launches game-changing platform for cloud optimization, ‘Certero for Cloud’, offering greater control to CIOs

Warrington based ITAM and SAM specialists, Certero, have launched an all-new product to their arsenal, Certero for Cloud. This is an extension of their award-winning Unified Platform, now offering a single platform to optimize Cloud IaaS, PaaS with AWS & Azure. The development has been accelerated by the rapid transformational demands seen since the COVID pandemic, which has exacerbated risk even further, and left CIOs in need of a new, transparent way to manage their loud instances.

Enterprises know Cloud IaaS & PaaS is blowing up, but there is a risk that business demand will circumvent IT control to find the path of least resistance. CIO’s need to manage Cloud not just as technical resources, but as valuable Business Assets to justify the rising costs to the business, which means not just focusing on Cloud adoption strategy, but long-term management.

● Certero have just extended the ideal solution to provide CIO’s with the evidence of a pro-active strategy for Continued Cost Optimization that they need – meaning Total Cloud Visibility, Cloud Governance, Utilization Analysis and Cost Management.

● Worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 18.4% in 2021 to total $304.9 billion, up from $257.5 billion in 2020, according to Gartner, Inc.

● Optimizing Cloud Costs whilst maintaining services to the business is not yet a mature IT process for most; Cloud implementation strategy is not management strategy and post-pandemic, demand has accelerated faster than control.

● The major ITAM & SAM Solution vendors’ rhetoric has followed Certero in espousing the BI, cost and agility benefits of using a ‘unified single platform’ solution to manage all IT assets through one ‘single pane of glass’, yet Cloud IaaS/PaaS has not fully matured – until now.

● The New Certero for Cloud solution gives CIOs the capability to manage expanding multi-Cloud assets with the same integrity as on-premise assets, through the same platform which brings the agility that business demands. That means total visibility and CIOs’ having the essential evidence of control and robust, informed processes.

In response to the launch of Certero for Cloud, John Mattinson, Operations Director at Certero said, “Cloud IaaS & PaaS, and by which of course we predominantly mean AWS & Azure, are enabling businesses to scale new capabilities rapidly yet also, enabling business units to potentially do what they need to do without channeling their demands through the, in theory at least, all-seeing eyes of IT.

He continued, “And you know how everything is urgent now? We are surely at a crunch-point where IT either needs to be agile enough to respond to rapid business transformation demands, or risk losing the confidence of the business. It is potentially personally damaging for CIO’s to become the blocker, or to not be able to demonstrate that they’re actively controlling Cloud costs – particularly as they’re increasing.”
Certero for Cloud delivers the four pillars essential to managing the Cloud resources as business assets:

Total visibility – Discovery & Inventory is at the core of Certero for Cloud. Being able to fundamentally ‘see’ all Cloud resources used by the business, provides the birds-eye view to understand how and why cloud assets are utilized and be able to measure growth and remain fully-informed at a strategic, financial and operational level.

Governance – ensures that everything is properly considered, examined, and managed in-line with business goals. Helping to regulate and control the use of cloud services by defining process, standards and policies that need to be followed in planning, on-boarding, operating and managing cloud services. Eliminating surprises and supporting good Cloud hygiene, Certero for Cloud provides centralized management and accountability for your business’s entire utilization of Cloud resources.

Utilization –Certero for Cloud helps you to select and assign the right resources to a workload or application. The solution analyses usage metrics and allows you to create the optimal cloud environment.
Cost Management – One of the growing challenges for IT and financial operations, Certero for Cloud helps you to understand and report on the costs, growth, consumption, purpose and identified wastage across Cloud assets by individual business units. Supporting cross-charging and reducing the overheads to identify and produce reoccurring reports, the solution helps to create a financial ownership structure to Cloud assets and be able to readily inform the business and actively optimize assets to reduce costs.

John Lunt, CEO of Certero explains:
“Investments in the Cloud are business IT assets and need managing as such. IT has robust Asset Management processes already, so when other business units come knocking, IT needs to be ready to respond and impress or they risk being cut-out of the process until usually, something goes wrong. Certero for Cloud provides everything needed to address the challenge on an enterprise scale; managing Cloud resources in a way that reflects the real business need behind them and with the financial and operational insight to optimally manage this service, elevating IT’s contribution to the business”.

As Certero for Cloud is part of the Certero Unified Platform, Certero’s customers can simply ‘switch-on‘ this new product within their platform and for non customers, Certero’s ability to deliver solutions as either SaaS-provisioned technology or ITAM/SAM services, makes for very rapidly-rewarding vendor choice. All Certero technology and services are fully IS027001 Certified for Information Management Security and you can reach Certero directly through any one of their regional offices across the UK, North America and Australia.