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Escape game used to immerse business school students into Spanish

Inspired by their strong Latin American and Spanish community, NEOMA Business School in France now host an escape game in Spanish for the school’s non-Spanish speaking students to help them improve their language skills.

An escape game involves a team of players that discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms in order to accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.

NEOMA Business School is the first French business school to offer a Spanish escape game, and its innovative format allowed their students to learn how to use the resources of the NEOMA Library in Spanish, whilst also having fun in the process.

“Including gamification in the courses was a way for me to motivate the students and to offer them a format that reinforces cohesion and team spirit,” explains Antonio Diaz, teacher at the NEOMA language Centre.

This format has strengthened motivation amongst students, especially with distance learning, and has connected them despite being physically away from the classroom.

140 students were able to take part in the original escape game developed by a highly motivated team, made up of researchers Aurélie Duval, Mathilde Piard and Claire Verdier.

At the end of the game, Antonio received a lot of positive feedback from his students on this innovative and interactive concept.

“Our group found the escape game very well developed, the scenario well thought out and fun to solve. The fact that it was adapted to a Spanish course made the game even more rewarding,” said Arthur Delhaye, student at NEOMA.

Students also highlighted the possibility it offered to link them with other classes than their own, as well as seeing it as a new way of working and strengthening solidarity between them.

Delighted with this first experience, Antonio Diaz plans to continue the Spanish escape game at the start of the school year 2021.