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Cloudwrxs Launches Intelligent Orchestration Platform

CLOUDWRXS, the UK-based cloud technology and consultancy firm has launched its Intelligent Orchestration Platform for medium and large enterprises looking to achieve In-Year ROI from their current legacy ecosystem investments – as part of their overall end to end cloud strategy.

CLOUDWRXS’ unique technology enables SAP and hybrid applications to work together by simply and efficiently decoupling the applications from their underlying infrastructure. This approach allows businesses to run legacy, hybrid and cloud native applications as one end-to-end ecosystem for the first time. This enables it to design tailored, low touch, high impact solutions that reduce costs and increase agility and service quality for organisations from day one – “easing legacy into agile”.

Steve Paddock, founder & CEO at CLOUDWRXS, believes this approach moves beyond a simple migration to the cloud offering, he says:

“Many service providers in the market think the only way to achieve Cloud optimisation is through a full cloud migration. Yet often companies can benefit from immediate results by using cloud native technologies to bring performance, capacity and availability improvements to their current legacy infrastructure first. You don’t have to go through a cloud migration to gain the benefits of cloud optimisation.

“We identify and deliver on areas that create immediate returns and visible value to the business. And that’s in-year returns. Our customers don’t have to wait three years for a cloud migration to start and then finally finish, which has then also probably overrun on time and budget as well. Our unique approach dispenses with this outdated long-term, high-cost, resource-intensive traditional view of IT change and modernisation. We implement small, incremental but powerful changes to our customers current SAP and Legacy ecosystems with minimal overheads. Reducing IT costs and increasing IT agility and service quality for the organisation from day one.”

Complex technical layers can be built up in a businesses’ ecosystem over many years; driven by increased business agility demands and rapidly evolving technology landscapes. Disjointed, siloed ecosystems based on product specialisation makes it difficult for organisations to find cross platform synergies; in operating cost reduction, performance improvement or delivering reliable and stable outcomes.  With its Intelligent Orchestration Platform, CLOUDWRXS is able to offer fixed price modular, pre-packaged solutions, enabling them to rapidly design and deliver tailored solutions to their customers unique IT issues.

Steve goes on to say;

“We enable organisations to selectively implement cloud orchestration to SAP and other critical applications in a light touch, high impact way. Applications that are often mistakenly considered too risky, complex or expensive to modernise in the past; Applications where rapid improvements in performance, capacity and availability can produce immediate, visible business benefits, like automated disaster recovery, backup and restore at the push of a button. We can create capacity on demand and cross platform integration where it has never been before. Imagine being able to test your entire Lead to Cash process every time you make a website change? That’s every single system involved – SAP, Legacy and all feeder systems in the process. Tested daily, weekly or even hourly if you need. All without risking production and at the push of a button. That’s revolutionary.

“Our objective is to ease current legacy into CI/CD for immediate benefits – not just to move all of their infrastructure to the cloud. Cloud migration should be the end point, not the start of the process.”

CLOUDWRXS is a Google Cloud Acceleration Programme and Smart Analytics partner.