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European Energy Giant Powers Up Its Business With Nutanix

Nutanix Cloud Deployment Delivers Agility, Scalability, and Simplified Operations

Nutanix, a leader in private, hybrid and multicloud computing, announced today that Serbian energy giant NIS (Naftna Industrija Srbije) has chosen Nutanix to meet the IT demands of the fast-paced, often volatile, energy markets. Additionally, it has implemented Nutanix to simplify IT management and provide a more scalable and agile platform for future developments.

Like many energy companies across the globe, NIS is involved in a diverse range of activities, from oil and gas exploration, refining and distribution to, more recently, the development of electrical and thermal energy from a mix of traditional and renewable sources. However, progressing and managing those businesses in an era of rapid change was putting increasing strains on its legacy infrastructure. These strains limited the company’s ability to cope with day-to-day demand and prevented it from moving the business forward to stay ahead of the competition.

“Rather than an asset, our legacy IT infrastructure was becoming a liability, restricting our ability to keep pace with market pressures and take advantage of new opportunities,” said Dimitry Shevchenko, CIO of NIS. “Like others in our sector, we needed to modernise and do so quickly, moving to a more agile software-defined architecture. For us, that meant hyperconverged infrastructure and, with Nutanix as the clear market leader, it was our obvious first choice.”

Since moving to Nutanix, NIS has seen performance improvements in the region of 50% across its application base and, with Nutanix in its datacentres, it no longer suffers from the constraints imposed by end-of-life servers and network storage. Additionally, the team is able to manage everything from the same Nutanix Prism interface to keep on top of demand, deliver more agile solutions, and trial the latest Nutanix features in support of innovative new projects going forward.

NIS also selected Nutanix Calm to add application-centric automation tools as well as native application orchestration and lifecycle management to the Nutanix cloud platform. This enables NIS to build self-service portals and automate key business processes, significantly simplifying day-to-day operations for the IT team.

“Simple management is fundamental in everything that Nutanix has to offer,” said Andrew Brinded, VP & GM of EMEA, Nutanix. “From being able to manage physical and virtual IT assets together from the same Prism console integrated into the Nutanix cloud platform to tools, like Nutanix Calm, that allow customers to automate business processes and build more intuitive hands-off IT solutions. These solutions can free up staff to work on projects of real value to the business rather than simply fire fighting to keep the datacentre lights on.”

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the new infrastructure at NIS was installed and commissioned in record time with help from both Nutanix and local partner S&T Serbia. In addition to migrating workloads to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor, NIS plans to host new SAP HANA development and adopt the latest cloud native container technologies, which will be made easier using Nutanix Karbon, an enterprise Kubernetes management solution designed to dramatically simplify container provisioning, operation, and lifecycle management.

For more information about the NIS deployment, read the full case study here.