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Why getting your home office perfect is so important to your health and wellbeing

When you are designing your home office, there are many things that you need to consider, all of which are down to personal preference. However, choosing what you really want in your home office, as long as it is practical, can actually do wonders for your health.

Despite this, there can be a fine line between the kind of comfort that brings productivity and the kind of comfort that brings distraction. Here are some ways you can change your home office to work productively and help your health and wellbeing at the same time.

1. Remember to keep your space organised and clean

Working in a well organised and clean space can help you concentrate and focus. Not only does it remove distractions that can make you procrastinate, but it can also help you feel energised.

Firstly, you will not be wasting your time looking for something for hours on end which could be avoided if you kept it in the same draw and remained organised.

Secondly, it also helps you stay in the work mindset, as you will not be tempted to suddenly clean off your desk. Working in a clean environment also means that the air is easier to breathe, and you will not be taking in so much dust when you are working. This can not only help your focus and brain activity, but it can also help you sleep better at night as your brain has more oxygen.

2. Keep the air at the perfect temperature (and keep it moving)

Getting a portable air conditioner service can be a big help for this one. Not only can you pack it up or move it to another room when you are finished, but it also means that you can remain cooler in the summer. It can keep the air circulating on stuffy summer days when there is no wind coming in your windows and can keep you comfortable, so you are not focused on how much you are sweating.

Keeping your body temperature regulated can be a good way to avoid heatstroke, headaches, migraines, and other illnesses that can stop you from working for longer periods of time. It can be really beneficial to your health to keep the temperature moderate and keep the airflow moving.

3. Natural light fights tiredness

If you are staring at a screen all day, the likelihood is, your eyes are going to feel dry and tired. Working in an area with a lot of natural light can be really handy if you feel that this is going to be the case. It can reduce eye deterioration and can help your focus, as well as allowing you  to get vitamin D from the sunlight, even though you are not outdoors.

This can be a real help if you feel tired and drained after every day and can make you considerably more productive, not just because of the pleasant atmosphere, but also because you will not be fighting to keep your eyes focused on the screen without them closing.