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Kopus offers the hospitality industry an additional revenue stream

With pubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants now able to reopen, much of the industry will be wondering how to make their margins viable to break even, whilst following complicated government guidelines.

Kopus offers a lifeline: an additional income stream with minimal output, which is completely COVID compliant.

Kopus is a digital platform that enables existing businesses to coexist as flexible working spaces: Kopus handles the bookings, the payments, the customer generation – and pays the venue every Friday.

Early adopting hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes have been swift to realise the potential of either broadening their customer base by offering desks, wifi and great coffee to remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads, or using dormant space (such as function rooms) as hireable meeting spaces – some offering extended opening hours to maximise the benefits of this.

Kopus’ Founders: Jason Allan Scott and Sophia Giblin are passionate that their brand offers a sustainable solution and long term business growth model for the industry, but also the opportunity for local people to revive their community in a refreshing way.

They state: “Almost 10,000 licensed premises – including pubs, clubs, and restaurants – closed in the UK permanently last year as the coronavirus crisis hammered the hospitality sector, according to new figures. Those that have survived have been forced to turn to delivery services, but In an industry known for razor-thin margins even in ideal circumstances, third-party delivery platforms like Delieveroo and Uber Eats can charge commissions of 14 to 30 per cent per transaction. Most venues cannot afford to lose that much, it’s almost without merit for the restaurant to even take your order. But loyal customers are keen to support their local, The main trade bodies representing the beleaguered sector – the British Beer and Pub Association, the British Institute of Innkeeping and UKHospitality – said the new findings revealed that 72% of members expected to operate at a loss and to be unable to survive because of the collapse in trade. What Kopus can offer businesses is an additional income stream that was there all along – and what’s more – we will support, manage bookings and promote it for you.”

Instead of charging a per-order commission, Kopus operates on a SaaS model, charging restaurants a flat fee per month per location and or a profit share NOT revenue percentage.

Remote or hybrid working is currently advised to continue long into 2021, and many businesses have embraced the opportunity to downscale or completely obliterate the traditional office and need for presenteeism. WFH is set to be replaced by WFA, offering remote workers the freedom to roam, to detach from the kitchen table, to plug in elsewhere and connect with remote workmates. However, whilst a shared office desk costs £550/month at a central London WeWork. Kopus charges members a PAYG fee, set by each individual venue – which could include packages such as meeting rooms, additional Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee and tea.

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