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Optimised for Digital Signage: Vivitek’s NovoDisplay

Vivitek, a leading provider of visual presentation and collaboration solutions, has introduced its updated NovoDisplay. The all-in-one 4K displays have been further optimised in terms of user experience, video conferencing and digital signage use. They are ideal for conference and training rooms thanks to the integrated wireless collaboration solution NovoConnect. The NovoDisplays are available in four sizes, ranging from 43 inch to 75 inch displays.

Ideal for digital signage

A highlight is the 55-inch variant of Vivitek’s NovoDisplay, which can be called a digital signage master. It can be used in both classic landscape and portrait mode and is designed for 18/7 operation. Further flexibility is provided by the integrated NovoDS software, which makes content management child’s play. Using NovoDS Studio, playlists can be created intuitively via a drag and drop function and filled with images, videos, RSS feed, etc. In addition, content from social media accounts can be integrated directly into the digital signage application and a software API integration allows for additional functionality in managing content.

In times of social distancing, adherence to guidelines is of course essential for health and safety. For this purpose, Vivitek has integrated a people counting widget into its digital signage application. In combination with the VIVOTEK counting camera, it makes it easy to control entrances in order not to exceed the maximum number of people allowed. The application shares the information from the counting camera with the digital signage display, reducing the risk of overcrowding by always having up-to-date people counts.

Video conferencing made easy

With the corona pandemic still prevalent, video conferencing has become an essential part of the business world. Accordingly, Vivitek has enhanced the user interface of NovoDisplay with a ‘Web Conferencing’ button on the home screen. This takes users directly to the pre-installed apps, such as MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Automate operating hours

With the new integrated sleep timer, the usage time of the displays can be planned over the entire week. For example, retailers can configure the timer so that the display automatically switches on or off during opening hours. Thanks to the auto-reboot function, the restart of the device can be scheduled or deactivated as desired.

Low Blue Light is beneficial to the eye

Whether in a classroom or conference room, too much blue light is harmful to the eyes. Vivitek has also considered this and equipped its NovoDisplay with a Low Blue Light function.

Compatible with the entire Novo Ecosystem

Of course, the new NovoDisplays from Vivitek work in harmony with the entire Novo Ecosystem. This consists of the NovoConnect collaboration systems to supplement the existing infrastructure and the integrated products NovoProjector, NovoDisplay and NovoTouch. Various projectors and 4K displays are available as all-in-one devices for wireless collaboration and digital signage usage. Thanks to these features, they are ideally suited for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobby areas.

Different sizes for all requirements

The NovoDisplays are available in four sizes – 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 75 inches – to meet different requirements. They offer 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) for detailed and razor-sharp images.

For peace of mind, they are also offer ISO 27001 for security, ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and offer ISO 14001 Level 1 Energy Efficiency.

Commenting on the updated NovoDisplay range, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, stated: “The role of digital signage has been transformed in the last 12 months, as organisations of all sizes realise their importance in displaying critical information. Vivitek NovoDisplay is extremely easy to use, thus making it simple to update information and keep the public or guests to venues informed. The new revisions serve to make the range even more attractive to use in office and signage applications, while even further enhancing the value, feature set, security and high quality that Vivitek is so well known for.”


Excluding VAT, the MSPR for the range is as follows: NovoDisplay DK431 £890; NovoDisplay DK551 £990; NovoDisplay DK651 £1,690; NovoDisplay DK751 £2,390.