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Shells: Building the Perfect Operating System

Programming can be really difficult, especially when you’re aiming to make your own operating system. You need to pick a kernel, or make your own. You need to have all the available drivers for the hardware on your machines.

It can be super difficult, and a bummer. After all, who’s going to use your OS?

For the most experienced developers, building on existing flavors that already exist in the tech ecosystem is where it’s at. With Free and Open Source software it makes it easy to build on existing platforms.

Well, now there’s a new way to create and explore new territories in the OS realm. With, they’re giving you the ability to add your own custom image of an OS and build off of it; from there you can pre-install all the packages and themes, and applications that you want; set startup applications such as default code editors, etc.

You know how you got a computer back in the day and it came preloaded with all that HP and what have ya software that you spent some odd time removing because of the bloat?

Well, it’s kind of like that. Except, not terrible! Let’s take a look!

When you’ve set up your operating system and set it in the state that you want, you can ‘freeze’ the image, which gives you a code to share with others. From there, they can load your operating system and go right from there.

This shouldn’t take away from the hard workers, developers, and maintainers of the current operating systems though. These are the real legends in all of this, and thanks to their efforts… cloud desktop linux is now possible, accessible on any device.

Creating an in-house / in-office desktop solution for your teams has never been easier. If you need them to use certain applications, run certain firewalls or VPNs, you can deploy the Shells of your choice and choose the software for them.

IT admins may not know this just yet, but their lives may just be getting easier.

Shells seem to have a lot to offer, and creating your own OS can be great for a new wave of thinkers and innovators.

Since Shells works on any device, even televisions, you can set up a Shell that’s already got an entertainment system on it. Locked, loaded, and ready to go!

The best part is, it’s in the cloud, it’s backed up weekly, and it’s ready to be used in any fashion you can think of.

For my use case, I just like to keep my own setups, especially after re-installing, loading all those old applications, setting my SSH keys up, getting my browser and chat applications going; it’s time consuming, and annoying.

Well – it was!