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New Nasuni Files for Google Cloud Offers Fast, Affordable Solution to Replace Windows File Servers

Cloud file storage solution accelerates moving workloads to Google Cloud and eliminates the need to back up and maintain Windows File Servers, saving money and time 

Nasuni Corporation, a Google Cloud Partner and leading provider of cloud file storage, announced Nasuni Files for Google Cloud, a new product and migration service exclusively for Google Cloud that is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace 

The offering combines the cost optimisation, global performance and ease of use of Google Cloud object storage with the cloud-native global file system from Nasuni. The new cloud solution offers edge caching combined with SMB and NFS file access, built-in backup, disaster recovery, and multi-site file synchronisation, that together eliminate the headaches of managing on-premises Windows File Servers. With this offering, Nasuni also addresses the risk and delay often associated with cloud migration and includes free onboarding and migration support.  

The cost to maintain, back up and license on-premises file servers has continued to grow, yet millions of Windows File Servers are still actively deployed, according to IDC. With Nasuni Files for Google Cloud, enterprises can rapidly accelerate their digital transformation and cloud initiatives by consolidating file servers and moving unstructured data to the cloud. The solution includes a simplified way to manage multiple file servers from a single console.   

“Secure and easy-to-manage data migration solutions have become increasingly important to organisations managing mass amounts of data,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have Nasuni Files now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace and provide customers with solutions that help them access and leverage their data across cloud environments.” 

Nasuni Files for Google Cloud builds on top of Google Cloud object storage to offer a modern Windows File Server alternative for department, group, and project file shares and home directories. 

Compared to traditional, on-premises file servers, Nasuni Files for Google Cloud provides the following advantages: 

  • Lower cost. Nasuni Files for Google Cloud uses the Google Cloud Archive Storage class to store all file data while still providing high-performance file sharing. This storage is significantly less expensive than the storage required by traditional Windows File Servers.

  • Risk-free cloud migration. The Nasuni Files for Google Cloud subscription includes onboarding and support for migrating customers’ first 20TB to Google Cloud. A dedicated cloud migration specialist provides the service for each customer, to assist a pain-free migration with zero hassle and no disruption to operations.

  • Edge caching for fast access. The solution can be deployed in a hybrid cloud configuration with edge caching VMs located on-premises or entirely in Google Cloud using Google Cloud caching VMs. 
  • Simplified management. Nasuni Files for Google Cloud consolidates administration of multiple Windows File Server sites into one management console.

  • Built-in backup & disaster recovery. Nasuni Continuous File Versioning® technology protects all data as it’s being written by storing all file changes as unlimited, immutable versions in Google Cloud.

  • Multi-location file sharing. No limits on connections, and files can easily be shared across on-premises locations or Google Cloud regions with Nasuni’s powerful file synchronisation features.

  • Convert CapEx storage costs to OpEx. Google Cloud’s monthly billing lets customers convert their CapEx costs of managing Windows File Servers to an OpEx cost, while also leveraging their Google Cloud commitments.

Nasuni Files for Google Cloud enables organisations to move their file servers to Google Cloud and pay for the service on a monthly basis. Google Cloud customers can also apply this new solution to their Google Cloud commitment. Nasuni Files for Google Cloud provides file access speeds that are equal to or superior to on-premises file servers. Nasuni’s cloud-native architecture also enables scalable file synchronisation and file sharing around the globe, with no limits on connections or shares. 

Andres Rodriguez, CTO of Nasuni said, “The business continuity risks and costs associated with operating and maintaining Windows File Servers have caused enterprises to seek low-impact approaches to cloud migration. With migration included in the Nasuni Files for Google Cloud monthly subscription price, we’re making it as painless and risk-free as we can to move files to the Google Cloud platform and leave expensive, cumbersome on-premises file servers behind. By choosing Nasuni, our customers can drive savings of up to 70%.”

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