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Stateless Cloud Egress Savings Calculator Pinpoints Savings in Cloud Infrastructure Fees Up to 65 Percent

Free Calculator Estimates Hybrid and Public Cloud Egress Savings When Using a Private Connection vs the Public Internet

Stateless, Inc., the company putting data back in motion, today announced the availability of its Cloud Egress Savings Calculator, a free tool that gives customers and partners the ability to determine the savings in egress fees that can be achieved by using a private connection to access a company’s data from a public cloud versus accessing it via the public internet.

“Infrastructure and operations leaders running public cloud computing infrastructure often find unexpected invoice charges when moving data out of the cloud or between cloud zones and regions, which skews cloud TCO,” said Mike Anderson, marketing vice president, Stateless. “The Cloud Egress Savings Calculator provides clarity and makes it easier for infrastructure and operations leaders to predict cloud charges before migrating data.”

The Stateless savings calculator analyzes network connection speed, utilization and cloud internet and direct connect egress costs and identifies the savings achievable by accessing data through the Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service (CCS) as opposed to the internet.

The calculator authenticates the savings that can be realized with the Stateless CCS fully automated cloud connectivity solution. CCS allows enterprises to move data without requiring the purchase or setup of complex networking equipment. It sets up the transport to get data to the cloud and establishes the configuration of the required end-to-end network functions, even encompassing virtual computing environments in the cloud.

“Building connections to clouds can be difficult. Many companies avoid this issue by just using the public internet. Often these companies find themselves paying more for cloud services than they expected,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates.  “Stateless’ new Cloud Connect as a Service offering provides a unique way of helping companies avoid these fees by letting them use the internet to access its Cloud Connect as a Service that is connected to dedicated cloud on-ramps and has much lower data egress costs.”

Availability and Resources:

  • The Stateless Cloud Egress Savings Calculator is immediately available for use at:
  • Stateless Cloud Connect as a Service creates connections to the cloud without requiring networking experience or network certifications.
    • Cuts data egress costs by as much as 65 percent by using internet access to connect private cloud ports.
    • Requires no additional hardware as customers can reach the Stateless CCS gateway from existing SD-WAN implementations.
    • Enables DevOps teams to test and prototype projects quickly by turning up/down cloud connections as needed.
    • Connect to data platforms such as Snowflake and DataBricks in a single workflow
    • Stateless CCS starts at $400/month and includes everything needed to create connections, including BGP routing, encryption and more for one (1) network, automation of the complete setup process, complete network, including transport to the cloud, access to two endpoints – ingress and egress (i.e., Internet to AWS). Additional fees apply for additional connections and/or endpoints.

For a limited time, new users may try Cloud Connect as a Service for free by visiting