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Nutanix Launches Service Provider Program Expanding Delivery of Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions

Nutanix has announced the launch of the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, further extending the benefits of the Elevate Partner Program to now include service providers globally. The program empowers service provider partners – including managed and cloud service providers – to build highly-differentiated hybrid and multicloud services delivering increased profitability and faster time-to-market.

As many organisations look for opportunities to simplify their IT operations, IDC forecasts the managed cloud services market to grow to $101.1B by 2024↿. With this opportunity, comes the challenge of service providers meeting increasingly individualised customer demands while staying profitable. The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program helps service providers improve margins and agility by addressing the lock-in and minimum commitment requirements encountered in traditional service provider vendor models and programs.

“As the demand for managed and cloud services surges, service providers are uniquely positioned to assist an organisation’s growth, optimisation initiatives, and digital transformation needs,” said Christian Alvarez, SVP Worldwide Channels at Nutanix. “Through the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, we are rewarding our partners’ commitment in delivering high value IT cloud service offerings​ and helping them maximise profitability and increase their revenue growth potential through premium offerings.”

Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program Details

This service provider program adds two partnership levels to Nutanix Elevate: Authorised Service Provider and Professional Service Provider. Authorised Service Providers will include partners new to Nutanix or those delivering Nutanix services to small to mid-market organisations. Professional Service Provider will deliver differentiated services for enterprise organisations. Partners who join the program will be able to take advantage of all the benefits outlined in the Elevate Service Provider Program Guide including training, Not For Resale (NFR) and Nutanix XLAB software licenses, and enablement support. Professional Service Provider partners will be able to take advantage of expanded support from Nutanix including marketing materials, potential market development funds, sales tools, goal-based financial incentives and rebates, and personalised insights in Nutanix’s Partner Portal.

Key advantages of Nutanix Solutions and Elevate Service Provider Program include:

  •  Improved Bottom Line: Simplified pricing options, no minimum commitment levels​ or mandatory product purchases help deliver increased profitability for service providers. Nutanix service providers also benefit from significantly lower management overhead with Nutanix, compared to competitors, ultimately delivering a highly capable and cost effective HCI solution.
  •  Increased Top Line and Fast​er Time-to-Market: The simplicity of Nutanix solutions can also help deliver faster time-to-market thanks to more than 80% faster deployment. Nutanix service providers can also onboard and rapidly scale new services including private, hybrid and multicloud, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS), and more. Additionally, Nutanix software licenses can be used by service providers at their customer site, in the service provider’s environment, or on Nutanix Clusters running in public cloud environments, including AWS, AWS GovCloud and with support for Microsoft Azure under development, giving their customers a fast path to hybrid cloud.
  •  Simplicity: A hallmark of Nutanix solutions, and a key driver behind the company’s average NPS score of 90 for the last seven years, is simplicity. Service providers will be able to deliver IT services, at any scale, with simple one-click deployment, upgrades, scaling, self-healing capabilities, troubleshooting and more with Nutanix. This will allow our service provider partners to realise nearly 60% more efficient IT infrastructure management, freeing up significant time to focus on innovation and supporting broader business priorities. Additionally, service providers can take advantage of auto-metering, enabling them to provide granular billing to their customers.

Nutanix is running a Service Provider Starter Pack promotional offer for new partners joining the Elevate Service Provider Program. This promotional offer includes training, certification and the right Nutanix software to help our partners bring their differentiated services to production and start generating revenue. This offer is available immediately.

The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider program is available now to providers worldwide. More information on how to sign up, accompanying benefits, and the program guide  are available at Partners can also learn more about the program by signing up for the upcoming webinar on June 30, 2021, here.

Supporting quotes about the launch of the NESPP: 

  • Cyxtera: “Thanks to the successful partnership we’ve built with Nutanix, Cyxtera’s customers can now deploy Nutanix Cloud Platform on our automated, on-demand infrastructure platform in more than half of our world-class datacentres. The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program offers us the ability to continue growing together. We are very excited to provide our customers increased flexibility by eliminating the complexities of procurement, logistics, and capital equipment management as a strategic Nutanix partner for hosted private infrastructure via Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal offering.” – Russell Cozart, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy, Cyxtera
  • HKT: “At HKT, we are continuously enhancing our managed service offerings of integrated solutions to support the unique business needs of Hong Kong enterprises. Nutanix is a trusted and reliable partner, which performs admirably in terms of technology and support. With the new Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, together we will be able to deliver greater value and innovation for our customers’ digital transformation journey, in a way that can best meet their business demands across hybrid and multicloud.” – Tom Chan, Managing Director of HKT Commercial Group, HKT
  • OneNeck: OneNeck IT Solutions partnered with Nutanix to power our ReliaCloud Edge, a hosted private cloud, because Nutanix technologies provided the scalability to meet our customer’s IT needs with the reliability, security and high performance that their business demands.  As we continue to expand our partnership with new services powered by Nutanix, the option to join the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program offers us additional benefits that will help us expand our customers’ ability to consume our data center services.” – Ted Wiessing, SVP Technology and Chief Security & Privacy Officer, OneNeck
  •  OVH: “Partnering with Nutanix is a significant step forward to better address hosted private cloud’s growing demand with a high level of technical solutions. Today we are announcing a great partnership between OVHcloud and Nutanix to offer a breadth of infrastructure options, with an eye toward future innovations, for our customers. Leading hosted private cloud solutions offered by OVHcloud continue to gain momentum in the market. Together with Nutanix and the new Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, OVHcloud is embarking on the mission to deliver next-generation hosted private cloud service offerings with a strong feature set offering performances and security that address a broad range of use cases for companies of all sizes at the best price.” – Michel Paulin, CEO, OVHcloud
  • TierPoint: “TierPoint is all about meeting our customers where they are on their journeys to IT transformation and delivering successful business outcomes to them. We picked Nutanix to build managed private cloud and cloud-to-cloud recovery solutions because of the simplicity, stability, and scalability of the Nutanix platform. Tierpoint joining the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program will make it even easier to add and deliver services that power our customer’s success and will continue to allow us to work hand-in-hand to find ways to advance the objectives of our shared clients.” – Brian Anderson, VP of Product Development, TierPoint
  • Yotta: “Yotta chose Nutanix to power our managed private cloud services because of its well-architected platform and portfolio. Nutanix delivers performance, security, and control at scale for our customer’s mission critical business applications. We are excited for the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program as we continue to expand our partnership to deliver leading data centre services to our customers at the most reasonable costs.” – Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Yotta