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Accelerate Technologies launches new fully managed phishing prevention and awareness service

Accelerate Technologies have launched a new fully managed phishing prevention and awareness service.  School of Phish is aimed at organisations of all sizes, with off-the-shelf packages and a free introductory service to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

School of Phish meets the need for continuous training and education of employees to help them deal with phishing threats that currently account for around 90% of data breaches.

IT security managers and departments often have the technical tools to detect phishing, spam, and email malware, but with cyber criminals exploiting human behaviour, and human intervention needed to spot the difference between phishing and legitimate emails, phishing awareness education and training is crucial.

Many IT departments simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage an effective awareness programme alongside their day-to-day activities and are looking for reassurance that they have all the necessary measures in place. In addition, they are finding it difficult to keep up to date with the latest threats and carry out regular phishing simulations.

Recent academic research has revealed that the most successful approach to protecting against phishing is preventative technical countermeasures running alongside well-designed continuous cyber security training and education, which needs to be fully embedded in the organisation for the most positive results.

Darran Clare, Technical Director at Accelerate Technologies, said: “Talking to our customers, we’ve seen a real need to assist companies with continuous phishing prevention and awareness for their employees.  IT staff have a handle on phishing and the threats, but time constraints mean that they often don’t have enough time to run and manage an ongoing awareness programme themselves.”

School of Phish makes managing phishing prevention and awareness easy, with clearly priced packages to suit different scenarios.  IT managers can get started with a free managed service, including phishing simulation and awareness training for employees, right through to a fully managed service where School of Phish takes responsibility for all aspects of phishing protection, awareness and incident response.  The fully managed service includes options for custom built and enhanced video content, multi-lingual content, security policy compliance, threat & dark web intelligence and integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Darran Clare continues: “School of Phish has been designed to take away some of the burden of continuously monitoring and responding to phishing threats, whilst providing easy reporting of risks and really engaging content for employees to ensure that phishing awareness is built in to company culture.”

“Employees working from home during the pandemic are on their own, away from the usual support they have from colleagues and IT staff to identify potential phishing scams that may have been tailored to them personally.  So it is even more important to ensure that they are brought into the fold and rewarded for their efforts in spotting threats.”