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Dataiku Wins Best Innovation in Explainable AI at 2021 CogX Awards

Dataiku, the world’s most advanced Enterprise AI platform, has been named a winner for Best Innovation in Explainable AI at the 2021 CogX Awards in London. The awards programme, now in its fifth year, is dedicated to recognising and showcasing the most outstanding contributors and innovative solutions to the global challenges of the past 12 months.

Dataiku provides an inclusive and collaborative data science and machine learning platform that makes data and AI projects a team sport, bringing intelligence to all — from AI builders to AI consumers. The company supports agility in organisations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Hundreds of companies use Dataiku to underpin their essential business operations and ensure they stay relevant in a changing world.

A key challenge on the journey to Enterprise AI is figuring out how to balance model performance and interpretability stemming from the difference between black-box and white-box models. As organisations scale their data science, machine learning, and AI efforts, they are bound to reach this impasse, learning when to prioritise white-box models over black-box ones (because there is a time and a place for those) and how to infuse explainability along the way.

“Building an explainable AI strategy helps ensure compliance both with industry regulations and audits and, most importantly, can reduce harm and negative impacts from biased algorithms,” said Nadim Antar, VP Sales & GM UK-Northern Europe, at Dataiku. “We believe that creating explainable, white-box models ultimately impacts everyone involved in the data-driven organisation. It’s not just important for those behind the curtain developing the model, such as data scientists, but for end users not involved in model development including lines of business who need to understand the output and how it translates to other stakeholders in the company.”

Charlie Muirhead, CEO and Co-Founder of CogX Festival said, “The CogX Awards have set out to be the most exciting celebration of innovation and transformational opportunities in the world. We and our judging panel are delighted to award Dataiku the Best Innovation in Explainable AI award — recognising its impressive technical capabilities and ability to connect people and processes to create a fast, stable, and sustainable path to Enterprise AI. Once again, congratulations on the win!”

The winning entry demonstrates the platform’s ability to help companies trace and explain the steps surrounding the implementation of analytical models. This transparency gives them the opportunity to examine, audit, and iteratively improve their processes, making it easier to explain to business stakeholders how models are using data to make decisions, while also avoiding negative or unforeseen consequences of their models.

Dataiku helps organisations accomplish this by striking the optimal balance between interpretability and model performance using best-practice methodology and governance throughout the entire data and model lifecycle.