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How online brands can show they care about their customers as well as selling products

When your brand is mostly online, it’s often hard to create a personal connection with your customers. As most of the time your customers will be communicating with you via their keyboard and mouse, you often lose some of the high levels of customer service, help and warmth that you’d receive from a shop assistant if you were shopping in a more traditional physical store. Luckily, there are a number of ways brands can try and compensate for that loss of face to face communication. Here’s a look at some of the ways brand can give the impression they care about their customers as well as selling products.

Making their brand accessible to all

One of the most important things for any brand to consider is whether their brand is accessible to all people. You might think if there’s no paywall or subscription necessary to access your website that everyone with access to the internet is able to access it. In reality, some people face a lot of barriers when it comes to accessing even the most simplistic of websites. Over a billion people around the world have a disability according to the latest research. Many of these, like sight or hearing problems, make it difficult for them to be able to access some information online. That’s why it’s important that you work with experts to come up with an accessible marketing strategy to allow as many people as possible to feel part of your brand. In 2021, there is an increasing number of tools to help make content more accessible. That means there’s no excuse for any brand to be isolating a large percentage of their possible audience by not including them.

Supporting campaigns that audiences care about

As well as making their brand accessible, it’s important that any brand is seen to be supporting campaigns that their customers are passionate about. For example, during pride month many brands change their display pictures on social media to that of their logo in front of a rainbow flag, the symbol of pride month. Many brands even go one step further, running promotions and selling certain products from which they promise to give a certain percentage of the profits to help worthy causes. No matter how big or small, these gestures can go a long way to winning you the loyalty of your customers.

Interacting with customers

One of the most simple ways a brand can show they care about their customers is to respond to their messages on social media. If someone is complaining about one of your products or services, try and message them immediately urging them to get in touch so you can try and resolve the problem.

If they’re simply commenting underneath one of your statuses with a joke, try and send them a joke back in response. All of these little interactions can help build a fun and playful personality for your brand.

Showing care is a surefire way to better connect with audiences.