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HERE to power global, real-time, location-based innovation for TCS DigiFleet™

HERE Technologies, the location data and technology platform, today announced its partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global leader in IT services, consulting, and business solutions, to bring real-time location-based services and analytics to its IoT-enabled SaaS suite, TCS DigiFleet™. TCS DigiFleet™ leverages IoT, AI, and machine learning to address global logistics challenges.

Powered by the HERE location platform, the enhanced fleet and freight management solution will enable TCS to provide its customers with up-to-date map visualization, historic and real-time route optimisation, robust geocoding and provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. Other key capabilities of the enhanced solution include navigation, route assistance, vehicle health management for automotive fleets and last mile delivery for enterprises across the global supply chain, and the e-commerce sector.

In particular, the enhanced solution powered by TCS DigiFleetTM will help transport and logistics enterprises with their yard management in terms of tracking assets in real-time, predicting impact due to weather patterns, monitoring driver behaviour and safety and calculating accurate ETAs for route optimisation. As a result of this location-based enhancement, enterprises can reduce lost time at warehouses and increase customer satisfaction. Enterprises will also be able to compute the cost parameters of each trip such as fuel consumption and toll costs, and better manage driver safety, performance and sustainability, driving purpose-driven business efficiencies.

“More than ever, global enterprises across multiple industries are looking to streamline and optimise their supply chains, and gain greater control over their fleet management capabilities,” said Mak Joshi, VP Sales at HERE Technologies. “Since location is at the heart of digital transformation, we are excited to be partnering with TCS, bringing with us our deep location expertise to empower the company and its customers.”

“We are excited to announce this strategic relationship with HERE that will make global supply chains more resilient and purpose-driven in this new normal scenario. This partnership will help organisations leverage the TCS DigiFleetTM suite and HERE’s advanced location-based intelligence to optimise their operations and enhance real-time decision making,” said Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head of IoT & Engineering and Industrial Services, TCS. “We believe, Bringing Life to ThingsTM – TCS’ IoT business framework, is enabling global customers to leverage the power of real-time information and AI to solve logistics management challenges in a structured way and achieve exponential business value. This relationship is well positioned to help our customers to grow and adapt to the future of supply chain and fleet management in the new normal.”

TCS DigiFleet™ uses the power of IoT, AI, and machine learning to solve fleet management challenges. A network of IoT devices helps to establish end-to-end connectivity across the fleet and related assets such as warehouses. It leverages AI and ML to analyse data and recommend the best routes, load composition, and maintenance measures. All of this is visualised via dashboards, along with close integration with existing IT and OT systems.