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3stepIT launches new website to raise awareness of its sustainable IT consumption solutions

3stepIT, a leading provider of Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) and IT disposal solutions, today announces the launch of its revamped website to help organisations accelerate their transition to sustainable IT consumption.

As businesses look to implement cleaner, greener solutions across the value chain, one crucial area for scrutiny is IT procurement and disposal of legacy tech. The website is designed to provide CIOs, procurement officers and sustainability leaders with practical insights on how easy it is to switch to a circular computing model that does away with the traditional ‘buy, use’ dispose’ attitude that’s so entrenched in many organisations.

3stepIT provides customers with an end-to-end IT asset lifecycle service (TLM) which simplifies IT procurement, device management and tech renewal. Complementing this solution is an IT disposal service which facilitates the refurbishment of IT devices for secondary use, which helps to reduce electronic waste.

Visitors to the website will see the benefits of a ‘take, make, reuse, recycle’ approach to IT management. This is an essential consideration given e-waste continues to be a mounting problem globally. Businesses in particular have a key role to play in this respect given 36% of organisations today have no idea where their e-waste ends up, and 10% disposing legacy tech straight to landfill.

Carmen Ene, CEO at BNP Paribas 3 Step IT and 3stepIT said: “One of the biggest challenges facing businesses lies in tackling the mounting e-waste problem. 3stepIT has been a trusted voice in the sustainable technology management space for over 20 years and it’s by continuing to invest in our services and tools, that we’re able to provide the support our customers have come to expect. Our updated website will make it even easier for businesses to learn about TLM and IT asset disposal, and implement more sustainable business IT processes.”