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New term, new print rules

Education institutions encouraged to be mindful of safety as well as print costs and security issues this autumn

Now classes have resumed after months of home schooling and learning, PaperCut is recommending that educational institutions should use the forthcoming summer break to assess their IT real estate post pandemic to ensure that it is still suitable for the needs of staff, teachers and admin teams when they return for the autumn term. In terms of print specifically, PaperCut has identified five key areas that education institutions should focus on to remain safe, productive and secure, while encouraging more sustainable and thoughtful printing when students return later in the year.

PaperCut is encouraging educational institutions to:

  • Implement safety protocols to keep staff and students safe, through touch free print release
  • Reflect on ways to reduce the time and resources required to manage printing support tickets
  • Consider what functionality is required to enable students to print from home as well as at school
  • Review how they can create more sustainable printing environments to reduce waste and costs
  • Stay on top of onsite and offsite print security

To help primary schools in particular address the challenges above, PaperCut is hosting a free webinar at 9.30am on 13 July 2021, outlining effective methods for helping them to stay on top of their print priorities in the new term. The webinar will also include insights from a UK school that has successfully overcome its printing challenges.

PaperCut offers managed print which empowers learning and cuts costs through fully tracked, flexible, user-friendly printing. Its print management solutions have been developed to meet the print needs of the smallest schools to the largest multi-campus universities – numbering many thousands around the world – that are already reducing waste, encouraging more thoughtful printing, saving costs and staying secure by tracking and controlling their print.

Commenting on the need to review print for the new term, Steve Holmes, EMEA Regional Director, PaperCut, stated: “Teachers and students alike are thrilled at getting back to the best place to learn. While remote learning is a powerful tool, nothing beats the shared classroom experience for a memorable and creative learning experience. With the new term starting in the autumn, the summer break is a great time to check that print is not only fit for purpose, but is focused on safety. Touch-free print helps limit interaction with devices, which is one of many steps that can be taken to keep everyone safe; managed print can help realise that goal, alongside encouraging more thoughtful printing while reducing costs and keeping security front of mind.”

To register for the webinar, please click here.