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Loqate Releases Industry’s Most Advanced Type-Ahead Address Capture Solution

Helps retailers and brands increase conversions, accelerate checkout and improve onboarding to meet growing consumer demand for on-time delivery as eCommerce surges

Loqate, a GBG solution, has announced the next generation of its type-ahead address capture solution, which is designed to help businesses reduce shopping cart abandonment, improve the customer experience and slash failed deliveries, which are a growing problem for brands. Research confirms that inaccurate or incomplete addresses cause delays in 41 percent of deliveries and failure in 39 percent, underscoring the important role accurate address data plays in customer success and growth.

With eCommerce at an all-time high, accurate customer address data is crucial for shipping physical goods, building personalised digital experiences and capturing a complete customer profile. At the same time, digital commerce is increasingly global, leading to complexity in capturing clean data while accommodating multiple languages, character scripts and address formats around the world. Loqate’s type-ahead address solution gives organisations the power to capture accurate address information with fewer keystrokes, in more global markets and with greater flexibility. With an API that can be integrated in under five minutes, the solution is extremely easy to set up, allowing organisations to get up and running quickly.

“The rise in online consumer spending and the changing consumer journey make it more critical than ever for businesses to ensure they deliver the best experience possible from basket to delivery,” said David Green, Managing Director of Loqate. “The ability to capture accurate address information is at the heart of providing customers around the world with an impeccable experience. Backed by expertise and the most advanced technology in the market, our intuitive address capture leverages location data, recognises human error patterns and catches mistakes, giving companies a solution they can trust to capture important address information and create a fast, easy customer experience and on-time delivery. It’s a win-win.”

With the latest version, Loqate’s type-ahead address verification solution provides brands and retailers, such as, Just Eat, NatWest, TalkTalk and Volvo, with the most complete address and geocode data available to reach customers beyond borders, especially in emerging and hard-to-address markets, with new features that:

 Provide more highly accurate data. Digital transformation has created more opportunities for businesses to reach international customers but in many areas of the globe, address data has been sparse and lacking detail. Through partnerships with data organisations around the world to cross-reference, combine and cleanse data within individual countries, Loqate provides the world’s most comprehensive and detailed address reference data, covering 130 address formats in 250 countries and territories.

 Find the nearest matching addresses first, so customers receive a precise address match without typing in their entire address. Enhanced location biasing detects the customer’s location to assist the scoring and ranking of search results.

 Deliver an improved customer experience, in 79 languages, on any device. With full unicode, multi-language support, Loqate accelerates address capture for global customers.

Reduce the number of support calls relating to shipping restrictions or extra charges and help customers quickly determine if they are located in a serviceable area. With advanced results filtering companies can control the way address capture works for their specific needs by accepting or restricting certain record types or addresses based on custom parameters.

Reduce customer abandonment and save time and money associated with correcting errors downstream. Delivers the most accurate address and geolocation information, even when the data entered isn’t perfect. Localised search and improved fuzzy, abbreviated and synonym matching, as well as the most modern text-based search technology, provide significantly more addresses with more granular data, requiring as little as three keystrokes.

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