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Rawnet launches inaugural Strategic Growth Tool in collaboration with fst

Rawnet, a leading digital agency, has announced the launch of The Strategic Growth Tool, in collaboration with fst. This tool has been designed to help marketers identify areas that they’re excelling at and those that need attention.

The tool hosts a series of 25 questions across five different areas of digital and brand strategy which determines how a brand’s marketing is performing. Ideal for marketers and business development managers, users can complete the quick assessment tool to analyse key areas, including Brand Building, Brand Awareness & Communication, Customer Acquisition, User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Following this, The Strategic Growth Tool provides the brand with a score across all five areas to evaluate the business’ current success and weaknesses. More importantly, users will also receive actionable insights that the brand can use to take immediate action and identify opportunities for improvement.

Speaking on the collaboration with fst, Gyles Marshall, Head of Commercial at Rawnet, said: “Some agencies claim to be experts across a very broad range of disciplines – we know what we’re great at and our partnership with fst provides marketers with the perfect blend of strategy-led brand positioning, creative and digital strategy. We have worked closely with fst for a number of years and share a like-minded attitude to how we think, work and deliver projects, but from two different angles. fst is a strategy-led design agency and we’re a very strategic digital agency so that, coupled with the cultures fitting really well has resulted in us launching The Strategic Growth Tool.”

Charlie Butterfield, Design Director & Partner at fst, adds: “Having a joint goal, process and mutual understanding of the strategy is key to the success of any marketing project. We’ve teamed up to help marketers get two specialist agencies’ support across their marketing role. The tool enables businesses to understand the areas which are key to digital and brand success from the experts in each area. By fst and Rawnet collaborating, we have enabled brands to see if they need to improve more brand or digital focus and what next steps they need to take with the personalised insights available after the tool completion.”

Discover more about The Strategic Growth Tool brought to you by Rawnet & fst here.