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Aireagóir to Partner With Strata.AI To Offer AI & Cloud Security That Complement Their Core Offerings And Services

Aireagóir and announced a strategic partnership designed to help companies reduce operational risk, lower costs, and increase revenues by using’s Demand Sensing Service, hosted on Aireagóir’s secure platform Bunús. This joint offering is now available for any company looking to harness the power of industry-leading secure infrastructure and the most modern technology in Machine Learning.

“Demand Sensing (DS) helps CPG, manufacturing, or supply chain enabled clients to predict their sales demands more accurately than any other solution and in near-time (week by week), whereas competitors predict by quarter or by month at best. This innovative AI solution realizes deeper intelligence and actionable insights from mining the organization’s internal data and critical external information (Weather, Interest Rates, Gas Prices, etc). In addition to Demand Predictions, it also performs “What-if” scenarios and “Cold-Start” predictions so an organization can  plan their manufacturing and supply chain needs more effectively than ever before.”

Together, Aireagóir and can help companies free up valuable time and resources and focus on driving the transformation projects necessary to support the digital demands of their businesses and unlock more revenue.

“‘AI is one of the biggest forces driving change in modern business to the extent that every company is swiftly becoming an AI company,’ said Grady R Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Aireagóir. ‘By partnering with Aireagoir and their market-changing Bunús security cloud, our clients will be able to use AI in a secure environment to move their business to the next level quickly.’s Chief Executive Officer, Charles Irizarry, added.’s Demand Sensing with Aireagóir’s Bunús is a powerful new way for clients to transform their capabilities, business functions, and teams to leverage the latest Decision Science and AI technology on a secure platform. tradeoffs.

Aireagóir is headquartered in the Las Vegas, NV with additional sites across the US, UK, and Europe. Find out more at www.Aireagó is headquartered in Miami, FL. Find out more at

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