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Higher Education embraces digital learning in post-Covid recovery

PebblePad powers post-Covid digital transformation strategies

Four more prestigious universities have selected PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform to support their ambitious digital transformation strategies. York St John University, The University of Leeds and Edge Hill University are all partnering with PebblePad to create collaborative, engaging and measurable learning experiences.

In a move to tech enabled learning, more and more institutions are embracing PebblePad’s unique ability to help educators support flexible and measurable learning for all students, across every step of their learning journey. Using PebblePad’s creative suite of tools and its mobile app PebblePocket, students are able to reflect on and evidence learning in a single secure digital home that they take with them after graduation.

PebblePad is uniquely positioned to help universities recover from one of their toughest periods in history. In a post-pandemic world, where remote learning will continue to play a prominent role in the university experience, the PebblePad Learning Journey Platform allows university leaders to seamlessly combine on-campus and on-line learning, for reflective and experiential learning, authentic assessment, and student-centred support.

“The edtech market is moving quickly,” comments Kenny Nicholl, Chief Growth Officer at PebblePad. “While it’s traditionally been difficult to support and assess student-centred, experiential learning initiatives, PebblePad provides a flexible, scalable and user-friendly solution. We are looking forward to partnering with these forward-looking institutions to help them to meet their immediate and long-term digital goals.”

About PebblePad

Founded in 2004, PebblePad is an award-winning Learning Journey Platform, designed to help learners, wherever they are learning (at study, work or play), develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes in an ever more competitive world. It’s why PebblePad is fast becoming an integral part of Higher Education institutions’ digital ecosystems across the globe.