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ShareLogic launches the world’s first automated testing capability for eBonding integrations

ShareLogic, the creator of ServiceNow enterprise ticket exchange and eBonding integration platform Unifi, has today unveiled a new, first-of-its-kind, automated bi-directional testing capability. Available as part of the latest release of Unifi, Unifi Test Assistant will allow customers to complete eBonding integration testing in a fraction of the time generally taken on manual processes while at the same time identifying issues and bugs with far greater accuracy.

A typical end-to-end integration test for a bidirectional asynchronous integration could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days – per integration. Normally a very manual process, this includes working with the owner of the system being connected to and manually filling in data, validating trigger conditions, data mapping, state transition, ownership, security, and much more. With Unifi Test Assistant, testers can complete the same tests with far greater reliance and accuracy in just a few clicks. Within a couple of minutes, they will have been able to read through all the warnings generated and investigate any discrepancies.

But as ShareLogic co-founder James Neale explains, it’s not just about huge time savings:

“The intrinsic complexity, time and budget involved in building eBonding integrations means testing is rarely anything more than an inefficient manual testing process during release. The real problems arise with platform upgrades, as integrations are at best sanity tested and at worst not tested at all.” 

“Thanks to the automation of not just outbound, but inbound testing with Unifi Test Assistant, more testing can happen as a matter of routine with very little training. You’ll never miss important use cases again, and over time you’re able to build up a library of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of tests. Trying to run all these tests manually would be impossible, but automating them with Unifi Test Assistant’s gives real, usable results in just a few minutes.”

Unifi Test Assistant is made possible by the unique way Unifi was built, as Tim Attenborough, co-founder, ShareLogic, explains:

“Unifi has been designed from the ground up to manage integrations at scale and to cater for process nuances between different integrations. That said, automating eBonding integration testing is probably the most complicated thing we’ve ever set out to do. The complex nature of eBonding combined with enterprise processes and data variances means testing can be very difficult.”

“With Unifi Test Assistant, when you’re running the test, you’re testing the main route through the system. It’s not a separate system hooking into Unifi; you’re testing the app and the integrations almost exactly as they would be in a production environment. The only way this is possible is because of the unique way that Unifi stores the transactional and operational data.”

ShareLogic has built a bespoke interface to accompany the new testing capability, enabling customers to analyse their integrations, easily view and run tests and easily access test results.

Unifi is the enterprise eBonding integration management platform for ServiceNow and is trusted by global MSPs and enterprises, including Advania, BT, NTT to deliver standardised eBonding integrations. For more information, visit