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Fun Solar Gadgets We All Want To Try

So, you love a good gadget but want to find a way to move towards a greener lifestyle? Solar power has moved on a long way since the solar-powered calculators we had at school. There are now some truly remarkable solar gadgets on the market. Keep reading to find out about the latest fun solar gadgets we all want to try.

Solar Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a fantastic way to take your party outdoors, which makes the addition of a solar panel only natural. There are now Bluetooth speakers which sound great and give you lots of extra conveniences too. Modern solar Bluetooth speakers provide around 60 hours of playtime on a full charge, and the solar panels can add to that run time.

 Some of these speakers also have a built-in 5,000 mAh battery which you can use for charging your devices. When using one of these solar speakers on overcast days, many come with a charging cable for when you want to charge faster than the sun will provide. These nifty solar-powered speakers are a great addition to any party.


Wireless Solar Keyboard

It is perhaps not something that springs to mind when you think about solar gadgets, but there are now solar-powered computer keyboards. These keyboards have solar panels across the top of the deck that keeps them indefinitely charged. They have an indicator that notifies you of the battery level and whether you are receiving enough light for the solar power charge. You don’t need to worry about a substandard typing experience as they tend to have a good pitch between keys and good travel as well.


Like most desktop gadgets, solar keyboards tend to be wireless and connect to your laptop or desktop via a unifying receiver that plugs into your computer’s USB port. This type of connection will provide you with faster response and lower latency than Bluetooth. This solar gadget is well worth a try if you spend a lot of time at your desk and want a greener workspace.


Outdoor Solar Security Camera

The use of outdoor security cameras for private properties has grown in recent years. Keeping a watchful eye on what is happening outside can be a bit of a challenge, especially if there are wires involved. You can now get wireless security cameras that connect to Wi-Fi, have a large 4,000 mAh battery, and have built-in solar panels. These solar companies have designed a camera that is easy to set up and can be installed without having to drill into your external walls.

Most of the solar security cameras connect to your Wi-Fi and stream the live feed via an app. Some also have the capability to store video clips to a local memory card or upload them directly to the cloud. What makes these gadgets really handy is that these solar security cameras work when your home is most exposed to break-ins, when it has no power. This can be an important deterrent or tool to ward off intruders or catch them later.

Solar Powered Backpacks

If you are somebody that enjoys the great outdoors but is not able to charge your devices for an extended period of time, a solar backpack might be the gadget for you. The solar panel is incorporated into the backpack and designed to be water and scratch-resistant. These backpacks are designed to withstand the forces of nature and make light, so your long hike will still be an enjoyable one.

To give you a better idea of projected charge times for your electronic devices with some of the new solar-powered backpacks, you will likely be able to charge a smartwatch in around 1.5 hours, a smartphone between 3 to 4 hours, a drone in 6 hours, and a tablet in around 8 hours.

What to Consider Before Getting Solar Powered Gadgets

When you are in the middle of a gadget shopping session, you should follow some key pointers to make sure the product is not just a gimmick. As much as we enjoy a garget, it needs to fulfil its function as best as possible. Here are some tips to consider before heading to check out:


  • Battery capacity – If the solar device you are planning to buy has a battery, it’s essential to check how big that battery capacity is. A larger battery will last longer at night when not charging, but it may also take longer to top up. Battery capacity is typically measured in milliamp-hour (mAh), and a general rule is that the higher the number, the better.


  • Solar cell placement – Check that the solar cell placement is suitable for the gadget’s use. Is the solar cell placement in a location that makes sense? For example, if you are considering buying a solar-powered security camera, does the area you want to monitor get direct sunlight? If you want a Bluetooth speaker, do you have a window where you can recharge the device? There is no point in owning a solar gadget which you can’t charge properly.


  • Durability – Solar gadgets are a good step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. However, buying an inferior quality product that won’t last long goes against the point. Check how the solar cells have been constructed. Are they glass or composed of polycarbonate? Keep in mind how you propose to use the product and determine how long the cells themselves will hold up.

Closing Thoughts

Having some of your electronic gear running off solar energy will allow you to enjoy a greener way of life. Not only will gadgets like solar wireless speakers mean you can enjoy good music while outside, if you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, having your security camera or backpack solar-powered gives you added peace of mind that you are self-reliant.