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Spectra Logic and StorMagic Announce Active Archive Repository for Video Surveillance, Digital Evidence Management and Media and Entertainment

Spectra Logic, a global leader in data storage and data management solutions, today announced a partnership with StorMagic, a company that simplifies storage and security from the edge to the core, to deliver a complete end-to-end active archive for video surveillance and digital evidence management. The joint storage solution combinesStorMagic’s ARQvault, the first active intelligent repository to manage and retrieve digital assets using powerful analytics, and Spectra Logic’s award-winning BlackPearl® NAS system and enterprise-class tape libraries to protect large amounts of data in multiple locations for as long as needed. To learn more about the joint solution, please register here for the webinar entitled, ‘Building a Complete Active Archive Repository’, to be held on Tuesday 17th August at 4PM BST.

The global video surveillance market is expected to record high growth over the next several years as organisations and municipalities collect and save petabytes of video footage to enhance public safety, prevent crime and terrorism, thwart theft, mitigate corruption and capture evidence of criminal behaviour for legal purposes. Organisations are also using video surveillance assets to enhance business processes and identify new opportunities. This growth in video surveillance has accelerated the need for efficient, high-capacity storage of raw video content. In addition, growth in media and entertainment content has compelled organisations with hundreds of thousands of hours of digital video, audio and images to optimise their workflows with storage infrastructures designed for simple retrieval and long-term content repurposing.

To address these requirements, the new joint storage solution from StorMagic and Spectra Logic combines StorMagic ARQvault software’s ability to move data automatically to Spectra BlackPearl NAS and Spectra Tape Libraries for nearline and long-term storage, and facilitates the fast retrieval of video footage and digital assets when it must be recalled. The simple, scalable solution enables organisations of all sizes with huge digital storage requirements to modernise their security and storage infrastructures for preservation and usage.

“We are excited to partner with StorMagic to provide customers with a storage solution that meets industry requirements,” said Matt Ninesling, Spectra Logic senior director of hardware engineering. “In the case of video surveillance, more and more organisations worldwide are deploying 24/7 surveillance systems with more and higher resolution cameras that require greater storage capacities and faster access to video footage. The joint Spectra and StorMagic solution answers those needs perfectly, providing an end-to-end solution from ingest of video footage to storage to forever access.”

”Through this joint solution, StorMagic and Spectra Logic together are delivering intelligent digital asset management, retrieval, analytics, and protection, a collection of our respective products’ best features,” said Brian Grainger, president of StorMagic, Inc. (U.S.), chief revenue officer and board member. “We are excited to deliver this simple, scalable, complete archive repository for video surveillance, digital evidence and media and entertainment for organisations of any size.”

Register here to attend the joint Spectra Logic and StorMagic webinar entitled, ‘Building a Complete Active Archive Repository,’ to be held on Tuesday 17th August at 4PM BST.

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Register here for StorMagic and Spectra Logic Joint Webinar on 17th August, at 4PM BST
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