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Microsoft & DH2i to Discuss: “How to Achieve Peak Availability for Containerized SQL Server in Kubernetes”

DH2i®, the leading provider of multi-platform Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) and Smart Availability™ software, today announced Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal will join with DH2i’s Connor Cox to present a live webinar titled, “How to Achieve Peak Availability for Containerized SQL Server in Kubernetes.”



August 4, 2021, 10:00 am -10:30 am Pacific Time / 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm Eastern Time


Why Attend:

Despite the benefits containers bring to IT operations, implementing high availability (HA) for containerized stateful workloads—such as Microsoft SQL Server—remains an obstacle.


Kubernetes (K8s) is well known for its container orchestration capabilities; however, the native HA of K8s alone is insufficient for SQL Server workloads. The standard technology many SQL Server pros rely on for HA, availability groups (AGs), has not been supported in containers—until now.


In this webinar, Microsoft’s Amit Khandelwal and DH2i’s Connor Cox will show you how to achieve robust HA for containerized SQL Server. Attendees will learn how to use DH2i’s DxEnterprise for AGs in Containers to:

  • Create hybrid AG clusters across networks and platforms, including Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Protect against node, container and app failures with near-zero RTO AG failover
  • Avoid SQL Server HA/DR configuration and networking challenges


About Amit Khandelwal, Senior Program Manager | Data Platform – SQL Server:

Amit Khandelwal works for Microsoft’s Azure Data team as a Senior Program Manager. His current area of interest is SQL Server on Linux ecosystem, which includes SQL Server Linux-based containers. He has over a decade of SQL Server experience in a variety of roles at Microsoft, including support and field. In these years, he has focused on designing and delivering data solutions for the E-commerce, banking, pharmaceutical, and IT services industries, with an emphasis on data availability, agility, scalability, and security. You can follow him on Twitter: @amvin87 or LinkedIn: Khandelwal has been a speaker at various conferences and loves connecting and listening to customers to learn and help on business problems that can be solved using Azure data solutions.


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