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Colt Certified for MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services

Colt Certified for MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Services

Customers using Colt SD WAN can have confidence their service meets the stringent requirements of MEF 70

Colt Technology Services, a leading provider of agile, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions, has today announced it is certified for MEF 3.0 SD-WAN services. This confirms that Colt’s SD-WAN solution conforms to the MEF SD-WAN Service Attributes and Services (MEF 70) global standard.

MEF 70 is the industry’s first global standard definition of an SD-WAN service and its service attributes. It aims to help accelerate market growth, enabling the creation of powerful, new hybrid networking solutions optimised for digital transformation.

“Congratulations to Colt Technology Services on its MEF 3.0 SD-WAN certification,” said Nan Chen, president of MEF. “Companies who purchase SD-WAN from a certified MEF 3.0 service provider can have confidence they will receive services that conform to MEF’s industry-leading global standards. Companies like Colt understand the value that certification provides, including accelerated service deployment and faster time to market.”

Colt’s market-leading SD WAN solution combines the scale and reach of the Colt IQ Network with an expansive set of features that align with customers’ evolving network landscape. Businesses today need to drive digital transformation through unexpected change. With Colt SD WAN, they can address the needs of their growing remote workforces and benefit from the optimisation of cloud applications, improved security, insights, and the ability to scale quickly and efficiently.

Colt SD WAN services consumers can now have confidence that they meet the industry’s highest standards created by MEF—the world’s authority for standardised network services. MEF 3.0 SD-WAN certification ensures simplified, pre-validated functionality for customers and frictionless implementation and partnering within the MEF ecosystem.

Peter Coppens, Colt’s Vice President, Product Portfolio, commented: “We’re proud that Colt SD WAN is now a MEF 3.0 certified service for the first time. We’ve been investing heavily in our SD WAN solution for the past few years, and this confirms we’re providing a service that meets the needs of our enterprise customers, achieving the meticulous specifications for performance, assurance, and agility set by MEF. By demonstrating compliance with industry-leading standards, we can build further confidence in our customers and underscore Colt’s dedication to the highest levels of service and continued innovation.”

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