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PayU partners with Visa to enable push payments for businesses in Europe

PayU, an online payment service provider for emerging markets operating on four continents, announced that it will enable push payments in partnership with Visa, a global leader in digital payments.

PayU is launching the Card Push service to provide businesses with quick, simple and efficient payments to end points. Thanks to Visa Direct, a real-time push payments platform, businesses using PayU Card Push will be able to instantly transfer money to a bank account linked to a Visa card.

‘With PayU Card Push, we’re introducing a solution that responds to the needs voiced by many of our clients. It helps online businesses send money to users, employees, contractors and partners. PayU Card Push will be available first to PayU’s business partners in Poland and the Czech Republic, with a view to launching it across the European Union’, said Joanna Pieńkowska-Olczak, President, PayU SA.

The first to implement PayU Card Push is crowdfunding platform

‘We’re pleased that with this new service launched by PayU and based on Visa Direct,
a globally recognized push payments solution, our users will have even quicker access to funds collected from donors. It’s a vital innovation for our platform as it allows people to receive money almost as soon as their supporters order a transfer, regardless of the time or day of the week’, said Tomasz Chołast, co-founder,

‘Providing consumers with frictionless, secure, and real-time access to their funds not only enhances their payment experiences, but also propels communities forward and drives the global economic recovery’, said Katarzyna Zubrzycka, Head of Merchant Sales & Acquiring, Central Eastern Europe, Visa. ‘Shaping the future of business and labor while helping people crowdfund ideas that change the way we pay and receive funds is part of Visa’s mission’.

Sending transactions to billions of endpoints around the world requires security at scale. Thanks to PayU’s integration with Visa Direct, businesses working with the provider will be able to make quick, easy, and efficient payments to their clients, partners and employees
– including fast payouts to workers, which is critical during a worldwide push for economic recovery.

Visa Direct makes it possible for PayU Card Push to serve many business models that were previously unavailable to card payments – including insurance disbursements, tax refunds, prize payouts, and many more. Visa Direct is also an opportunity for many businesses to grow and go global.