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Leaseweb Global Acquires iWeb To Build Significant Market Share in Canada

Leaseweb Global, a leading hosting and cloud services company, today announced the acquisition of iWeb, one of Canada’s foremost providers of cloud hosting, server hosting & hosted solutions. The acquisition enables Leaseweb to build a significant market presence in Canada, which now becomes its third biggest international region by revenue, behind The Netherlands and U.S. 

Founded in 1996, iWeb, previously part of INAP, offers high-performance dedicated servers and cloud hosting from its three Montréal-based data centers. By integrating iWeb with  Leaseweb’s global network, current and future customers will have the ability to seamlessly expand into the region, while benefiting from globally available cloud infrastructure. The move will also be attractive to organisations who require a market presence in North  America, but need to host their data outside the U.S.  

iWeb employs 92 people across its flagship Montréal data centers, providing high-speed  global connectivity via ISP peering in Montréal and Tier 1 providers, offering users Dedicated  Servers, Private Cloud, Security Services and Colocation. iWeb’s solutions provide cost,  efficiency, customisation, and security benefits for customers. Powered by 99% renewable hydroelectricity, they host thousands of servers for clients across a diverse range of industry sectors. 

Greater Montréal is a fast growth hub for organisations that rely on powerful, reliable and  secure cloud and data center infrastructure. As recently as 2019, the city was recognised as  ‘Data Centre Location of the Year’ in the 12th Datacloud Global Awards. With team, product,  cultural and customer synergies, iWeb represents a strong commercial and organisational fit for Leaseweb, and is its latest acquisition in the region, following in the footsteps of ServInt in 2018, Nobis Technology Group in 2016 and in 2013. 

“We have followed the development of iWeb with great interest for a number of years, and as a business with very similar DNA to our own, we know they will bring a wide range of complementary services and skills to our presence in Canada,” commented Con Zwinkels  CEO at Leaseweb Global. “They live and breathe hosting, have a deep understanding of the  requirements of Canadian customers, and we’re delighted to welcome them to the  Leaseweb team.” 

“Today is a very exciting day for iWeb employees, customers and partners. We are joining a  team that is focused on product, growth and customer experience,” said Roberto Montesi,  CEO at iWeb. “We have long admired Leaseweb as a competitor. Now, as colleagues, we look forward to deploying new offerings quickly in our Montreal location to match the  Leaseweb portfolio. This is an exciting state in our journey and ensures that Canada  becomes a huge part of the future Leaseweb success story.”