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Mapp Experiences Record Growth In First Half of 2021

  • MarTech platform impresses with record growth in new customer acquisition in the second quarter
  • Increasing demand for data-driven marketing solutions

Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, continues to post record business results. In the second quarter of 2021, Mapp increased new customer acquisition by 62% compared to the same period last year. Additionally, subscription revenue has grown by 16% compared to the same quarter of 2020. The second half of 2021 is also shaping up to become a successful period for Mapp.

Mapp is benefiting from increased interest in solutions that put customer insights first, which drive personalized customer experiences, marketing optimizations, and increased efficiency. In the second quarter, renowned customers, including Vivienne Westwood, JYSK, Doves Farm Foods, OPI, Air Charter Service, Whitewater Brands, Varelotteriet, Fårup Sommerland,, Fackelmann, Rivella, and Lowell, established or significantly expanded their relationship with Mapp.

This record period of growth in the company’s business development underpins Mapp’s position as one of the largest independent marketing clouds for medium-sized and enterprise companies. The benefits of Mapp’s digital marketing platform, Mapp Cloud, are in great demand. This is because companies today are increasingly looking for comprehensive marketing solutions that deliver reliable insights to improve engagement and customer experiences and enable true one-to-one personalization across various channels from a single source.

This market development is also confirmed by the study on current customer experience strategies conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Mapp: A lack of customer insights is the biggest challenge for a successful customer experience strategy for 54% of the internationally surveyed marketing decision-makers.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, comments: “The commitment of each one of our employees is paying off and once again we are generating record growth in new customer business. At the same time, existing customers are increasingly using the entire Mapp Cloud platform. We are very positive about the future and are looking forward to numerous new features being released soon to enable insight-driven cross-channel marketing. The market is clearly reflecting recent changes due to the massive acceleration of digital transformation and dedicated online business models, increasing the need for marketing intelligence from first-party (data privacy friendly) customer data. Additionally, cost and marketing efficiency are more important than ever for companies.”

Mapp Cloud and its components can be easily and effectively used with existing MarTech stacks or combined with a wide range of third-party systems. Through APIs, data is flexibly exchanged and consolidated. Mapp Cloud also has an integrated Customer Data Platform

(CDP) that allows data to be bundled and used across channels based on unified customer profiles, taking into account demographics, past interactions, and transactions for a highly targeted approach. This ensures hyper-personalized marketing activities. The customer analytics module Mapp Intelligence is designed to activate the full potential of first-party data for successful marketing, based on actionable insights. The cross-channel marketing component Mapp Engage makes it possible to engage with customers according to their preferences via email, direct mail, push notifications, SMS or web and automate the entire customer journey accordingly.


About Mapp

Marketers and data specialists should be able to focus on what will make a difference for their business, instead of spending all their time taming the technology behind it. With the insight-led customer experience platform Mapp Cloud, they can focus on what really counts – and the exciting insights that come with it. Thanks to customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies can easily and effectively gain data-driven customer insights across all channels to trigger highly personalized marketing activities. Mapp’s customers benefit from AI-supported forecasting models that enable targeted and self-optimizing cross-channel campaigns. Automated messages are sent via the most suitable channel, at the right time, with the optimal contact frequency. With this advanced one-to-one personalization, the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty can be achieved.

Mapp has global offices in seven countries and helps more than 3,000 companies uncover missed opportunities through an insight-led approach to marketing, including Argos, Ella’s Kitchen, Expert, Freesat, Lloyds Banking Group, MyToys, PepsiCo, Quint, Vivienne Westwood, and The Entertainer.