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NS1 Surpasses 800 Customers as Demand Surges for Solutions that Eliminate Boundaries at the Distributed Edge

NS1, the leader in application traffic intelligence and automation, today announced it closed the second quarter of 2021 with more than 800 enterprise customers and saw continued revenue growth, citing surging demand for solutions that eliminate boundaries between applications, users, infrastructure, and data at the distributed edge.

NS1 added 43 new enterprise customers in Q2 alone, including Autodesk, Radware, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Gopuff, and Fanmio. The company continues to gain traction with information technology and services firms, banking and finance, media, and entertainment.

In addition to the company’s consistent growth, NS1 maintained a customer retention rate of 95% and saw 56% of bookings growth from its existing customer base. The company closed Q2 2021 with a Net Promoter Score of 78, which is in the top tier among software-as-a-service companies. This is in part due to helping customers remain resilient in spite of fluctuations in internet and provider performance, such as the recent Fastly outage.

Product Innovation and Leadership

  • In June, the company unveiled NS1 Connect™, the industry’s first and only unified application traffic automation and intelligence platform for modern application delivery and networking teams. The cloud-based platform provides NS1 customers with unprecedented visibility, control, and automation so they can build and deliver application experiences at the distributed edge.
  • NS1 solutions can now be hosted on Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series switches to deliver faster, more scalable network services with lower cost by leveraging the network hardware already in place. NS1’s flexible and lightweight deployments result in massive optimization of application performance for distributed offices and users.
  • The company also announced NS1 Labs, a new group spurring innovation in the foundational technologies supporting the global internet and addressing the future challenges of connecting applications and audiences at the distributed edge. In addition to making improvements to existing open source projects, such as pktvisor and Flamethrower, the team is rethinking edge network observability with Orb, a dynamic edge observability platform that will help operators, developers, and end users understand their networks, distributed applications, and traffic flows in real time.
  • Jeremy Stretch, the creator and lead maintainer of NetBox, a popular open source infrastructure resource modeling tool, joined NS1 Labs as a distinguished engineer. Stretch is working with the NetBox community to accelerate development and explore new pathways to value for users of both NetBox and NS1.

Company Recognition and Leadership

  • NS1’s dedication to excellence in technology and business was recognized in the industry. TechCrunch profiled the company’s origin story, product roadmap, competitive landscape, and customer development.
  • INS1GHTS2021: Build the Better Future brought together leaders in DevOps, NetOps, SecOps, and application delivery to discuss how applications are changing the way people work and live and to share strategies for providing faster, more reliable applications. Keynote speakers included Kimberly Bryant, founder and CEO, Black Girls CODE, and Steven Levy, author and editor-at-large at WIRED. The dual-track conference featured both leadership and technical sessions, as well as fireside chats with industry experts and NS1 customers, such as Wayfair, USAA, Fox, and Disney. Replays of these sessions and more can be found here: