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Validity and Spamhaus Launch Partnership to Educate Email Marketers and Enable Safer Outreach

Collaboration aims to create a more secure email experience for all

 Validity, the leading provider of data quality and email marketing success solutions, this week announced a partnership with Spamhaus, the trusted authority on IP and domain reputation data, to make email a safer and more secure environment for all. This announcement formalises a longstanding relationship in which Validity and Spamhaus have united under a singular vision to encourage better email practices while simultaneously taking strides to stop malicious, unethical activity.

Email is often the most direct route to a business’ customers, yet the reality is that it’s a growing threat vortex, harming consumer wallets and subsequently brand reputation. In fact, the latest FBI IC3 Internet Crime Report found that business email compromise (BEC) scams continue to be the costliest threat, with phishing accounting for the vast majority of those complaints. In the last year alone, largely due to COVID, the FBI received nearly 20,000 BEC complaints which cost victims $1.8B. Of that, phishing scams cost upwards of $54M.

In order to keep pace with the onslaught of malicious activity, Validity integrates the leading blocklists into its platform, courtesy of Spamhaus. The ongoing partnership will bring together more data exchanges that help each partner do what they do best – educate senders and fight malicious mail. For example, in Q2 2021 Spamhaus worked with the FBI to help remediate the compromised email accounts  following the Emotet botnet takedown. Since then, over 60% of those accounts have been secured.

“This partnership is fundamental to Validity’s mission to empower today’s marketers to practice ethical, fair marketing and build meaningful customer relationships grounded in trust,” said Greg Kimball, SVP, Global Head of Email Solutions at Validity. “There are far too many bad actors in the email industry, preying on consumer vulnerabilities to conduct malicious activity. When marketers conduct email efforts fairly, security services and mail providers can spend more time focusing on truly malicious senders. Together we can assist partners in clarifying illegitimate and legitimate mail before it even reaches a consumer’s inbox. It truly takes an internet community to keep consumers safe.”

“Everyone, including senders and receivers, has a role to play in helping make the internet a safer place. IP and domain reputation data contains fingerprints of malicious behavior. Therefore, it is vital to expand the breadth of data shared, analysed, and utilised globally,” explains Simon Forster, CEO at Spamhaus Technology. “Together, we can increase the reach of this data, reducing threats and consequently brand erosion, meanwhile paving the way to help the industry do what’s right.”