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Sectigo releases accessible and cost-effective Secure Key Storage solution to safeguard IoT Devices

Sectigo®, a global provider of digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management solutions, today announced the addition of the Sectigo Secure Key Storage SDK (SKS-SDK) to its collection of industry-leading offerings. 

Secure key storage is a software-based library that cost-effectively manages, seals, and stores encryption keys, passwords, and other confidential information. It removes the risk of exposing credentials of devices lacking a hardware-based secure key storage system such as a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). 

Sectigo Secure Key Storage: The Software-Based Alternative for IoT Devices

IoT device manufacturers across markets are quickly recognizing the need to increase the levels of security in their products to protect against attacks that target embedded devices and expose customers to the theft of confidential information, disruption of services, and spread of the attack to other systems. In many markets, legislation and standards are requiring stronger authentication. 

While many modern IoT devices use a hardware platform for secure key storage, many low-cost or legacy devices do not have those built-in capabilities. Additionally, adding hardware secure key storage increases the bill of materials for IoT devices, making hardware solutions less affordable. With this latest product, Sectigo fills this gap in the IoT security space with an accessible alternative for lower-cost IoT devices without hardware-based secure key storage.

Innovating a Compact and Portable SKS Solution 

Sectigo’s SKS-SDK allows device manufacturers to programmatically:

  • Authenticate device identities using transport layer security (TLS) protocols
  • Encrypt data on embedded devices
  • Store and access passwords and other secret data

“Enhanced levels of security should be available for all IoT devices to help prevent noncompliance with ever-changing legislation and standards, device cloning, and the introduction of counterfeit devices into the market,” said Alan Grau, VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions at Sectigo. “Sectigo’s latest secure key storage solution enables IoT device manufacturers to protect private keys and critical information from hackers with special attention to affordability and compliance.”