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Business Events you should attend during a London Workcation

While much emphasis is put on attaining a great ‘work-life balance’, there’s also a trend in the opposite direction, in the form of the so-called ‘Workcation’. This exercise sees vacationers actively seek to incorporate work time into their holiday. In the age of remote working, this is actually a great deal more plausible than it sounds, and while it might seem to limit the amount of vacationing you actually do, in practice you can actually end up going on more breaks throughout the year, which means that the net effect is basically the same.

Making a Workcation Work

Taking a break of this kind requires a little bit of forethought, and it isn’t for everybody. You’ll need to plan your time carefully, and make sure that you’re able to switch off during the evenings, when you aren’t working. You’ll also need to have the right mindset, and the ability to keep your workspace in good order so as to keep distractions to a minimum.

If you’re working from a foreign country, or even from a beach, then you’ll also need to think about connectivity and time zones. Are you going to be able to form a reliable member of the team? In certain occupations, you might need to be called upon at a moment’s notice; in others, you might have greater flexibility. If you’ve got a long-term project to get on with, then you might find that you’re actually more productive when you’re on the road than you would have been at home.

Of course, accommodation is something that you’ll need to think about – you’ll need an environment that makes financial sense, and that’s conducive to productivity. As such, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the serviced apartments London has to offer.

Business Events in London

If you’re intent on taking a workcation in London this year, then it’s worth making time to attend a few business events and exhibitions. If you can identify a few which are relevant to your particular industry, then you’ll be able to cover a lot of ground in a single trip.

Grow your Business Show

This one is in the Epsom Downs Racecourse in early September. It’s for Surrey-based startups to meet up with businesses large and small, and to keep abreast of developments among local entrepreneurs.

Independent Hotel Show

In the Olympia in the middle of London you’ll find the Independent Hotel Show, dedicated to all things to do with hotels. Included here are speakers and seminars, and thus, if you’re in the hotel business, you might consider it a must-visit.


Head down to Magazine London, in Greenwich, on the 22nd October, and you’ll find this self-proclaimed festival of marketing technology in full swing. If your goal is to sell things over the internet, the chances are that time spent here will be worthwhile.