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UK Proptech Startup Kettel Empowers First Time Buyers as They Return to the Market

Kettel, the PropTech startup which helps first time buyers discover, finance and complete their home purchases, today announces its launch in the UK market. As the stamp duty holiday comes to an end, and with asking prices dropping 1.5% in the last month, Kettel will help first time buyers get onto the ladder, with free personalised guidance throughout the process.

Built out of frustration for first time buyers who have been historically neglected by the industry, Kettel is the brainchild of Trevor Stunden and Alex Tupper, and offers prospective buyers a curated selection of relevant properties, as well as providing personalised guidance and vetted offerings. From negotiations to mortgage brokers and conveyancers to surveyors, Kettel supports first time buyers with the tools and knowledge that they need for the purchase process all on one platform.

With the stamp duty holiday coming to an end and the market showing signs of cooling down, Kettel’s founders believe that it’s a good time for first time buyers to rejoin the market as competition from home mover subsides.

Trevor Stunden, CEO and Co-Founder, says: “The stamp duty holiday has heightened demand like never before, encouraging home owners to push their home move plans forward and roll the gains they’ve made on their current home into a new property. In turn, it has also created a steep price hike for first time buyers, pricing them out of a market they would have otherwise been able to afford 12 months earlier.”

Trevor continued: “With prices now leveling off, there’s renewed opportunity for first time buyers to get onto the ladder and we want to support them through this process. Buying your first home isn’t something that’s taught in school, but by using Kettel, first time buyers will have the knowledge and confidence to make an informed decision.”

Those using the Kettel platform will be provided with a personalised tracker and access to their own Kettel guide to help them navigate the process, all for free.

Riley Cerven, who has recently bought in Hackney, London commented: “Saving up a deposit was tough in itself but when I got to the point I was ready to buy my home, I had no idea where to start. Kettel gave me the confidence I needed in making a decision and helped me to find the right property, mortgage advisor, conveyancer and surveyor, all in one place. Their services have been great and saved me hundreds of pounds on fees vs. what I was seeing when googling for these services before finding Kettel. The app was simple to use and scrolling through potential properties was easy because I knew they were all tailored to what I wanted. The guidance on how to deal with my unique circumstances was brilliant too.”

With the gap between existing homeowners and those looking to buy now wider than ever, Kettel also recently collated data on the best London boroughs for first time buyers to make a purchase as the market cools off. The boroughs that came out on top include Hackney, Lewisham, Richmond, Croydon and Wandsworth, with all insights available here.