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Armour Core v4 improves usability of its mobile app with support for IPv6

Latest upgrades improve reliability, security and usability, responding to requests from users of Armour Mobile

Armour Comms has announced that the latest version of its Armour® Core server-side software includes new features that enhance the usability of its mobile app, Armour Mobile. Armour Core v4 supports IPv6, the latest network communications protocol, enabling calls to seamlessly transition between modern networks, and is an enabler for future planned features. Many of the enhancements have been incorporated as a result of customer feedback, to make the app easier for users including; migrating to a new device, searching for contacts across all communities within the app, identifying whether the call is video or audio (enhancing security) and the option to mute chat pings when on a call or conference. The upgrade also provides simplified access to call logs for auditors.

David Holman, Director at Armour Comms said; “At Armour Comms we have always focused on delivering robustly secure, enterprise strength mobile communications, designed with the user in mind. These latest enhancements to Armour Core represent a huge leap forward in our development programme improving usability in many ways, both to encourage individual end user adoption and secure the organisation’s communications.

“Many of these features have been requested by our users and are simply not available in consumer grade apps. They pave the way for future ease of use, scaling and deployment that will benefit our existing customers and new ones looking to manage their mobile conversations securely by replacing consumer grade apps.”

Details of the new features in Armour Core v4 include:

  • Support for IPv6 – improving reliability for calls passing between modern networks including 5G, without noticeable disruption to the call
  • User device migration – users can securely migrate to a new device (by scanning a QR code) taking their contacts and chats with them without requiring support from IT or the helpdesk and ensuring the old device is automatically decommissioned
  • User auto discovery – users can search names across all their communities, making it much easier and faster to locate contacts. There is now no need to search security ‘communities’ individually for contacts
  • Enhanced audit capability – provides streamlined and simplified access for auditors to audit logs
  • Mute chat notifications – allows a user to prioritise which secure conversations should be silenced when the user is in meetings or on conference calls to minimise unnecessary distractions
  • Enhanced air gap support – a security feature that separates the encryption key generation from key usage. Limiting the connection to short time bursts increases the security of the system and is an enterprise-grade feature not provided by consumer grade apps
  • Call type identification – users can identify whether incoming calls are video or audio, for extra security and situational awareness

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