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Why businesses are shifting towards sustainability

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirmed what many of us already knew – human behaviour is fundamentally changing the climate and has led to extreme weather and extinction-level events across the world.

Yet, the IPCC report gave us hope that by changing our behaviour now, we could mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change.

For businesses, this means adapting to a sustainable model that meets carbon-negative goal by 2050 at the latest.

Why is sustainability so crucial?

As consumption grows at a quickening pace, all sectors are waking up to the importance of sustainability. The eCommerce community is acutely aware of their impact and changing consumer needs and awareness.

Dan Conboy Managing Director at Statement, Shopify partner agency, highlights why sustainability matters to businesses and customers alike, saying:

“Alongside the customer experience, the customers are now expecting sustainability. There is a growing genuine awareness on the fact that we can´t keep consuming in the same way”

To tackle the challenges of the next 30 years and reach a carbon-negative word, we all have to pull together. That’s why sustainability is so important.

Benefits of sustainability for businesses

From protecting your business to tapping into growing markets, we take a look at the benefits of sustainability for businesses.

Brand protection

Sustainable strategies can help protect your brand in a number of ways.

  • First, in the public perception of your business’s corporate responsibility.
  • Second, by protecting the planet, you are protecting your customer base and in turn your company.

Competitive advantage

Infusing your brand with values that align with customer viewpoints and desires gives your company an edge over its competitors.

Doing something good for people and the planet – and we mean actually doing it – puts your brand ahead of the greenwashing competitors that saturate most industries.

Growing markets

Customer desire for sustainable products and companies that put the planet first has grown considerably in recent years.

Making sustainability your focus helps your business tap into and grow with a burgeoning market that looks set to dominate in the future.

Cooperative action

Many people are daunted by the task of tackling climate change by themselves, yet when part of a community they feel that change is possible.

Putting your business at the heart of change and encouraging your customers to make changes too inspires cooperative action within communities.

The future of business success is dependent on having a customer base. With the world changing in drastic and rapid ways, protecting the earth through sustainable practices ensures your business can survive the coming storms. And maybe even stop them altogether.