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New Release SOLIDserver 8.0 From EfficientIP Enhances Multi Cloud Control and Security

SOLIDserver 8.0 extends multi cloud management to Azure DNS, eases capacity planning and strengthens DNS security with more agile query filtering

EfficientIP, a leading provider of network security and automation solutions specializing in DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM), today released a new version of its DDI suite SOLIDserver™, which provides centralised DNS management and network security for hybrid cloud infrastructures. With the new 8.0 release, EfficientIP puts strong focus on supporting multi cloud services and expanding DNS security policy capacity, thus helping network teams improve control and visibility over their entire infrastructure.

As the use of multi cloud infrastructures continues to rise, so does the security risk. According to the joint 2021 Global DNS Threat Report from EfficientIP and IDC, occurrences of cloud instance misconfiguration abuse increased by 77% from 2020, possibly as a response to how much more companies rely on the cloud in the era of remote work.

The majority of organizations use their private clouds in conjunction with public cloud infrastructure (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), creating a dispersed, hybrid cloud DNS environment that is difficult to oversee and protect. SOLIDserver 8.0 helps overcome these challenges by enhancing EfficientIP’s existing DNS cloud management offering with Azure DNS Zones capability, allowing companies to avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Benefits include unified and simplified management of both in-house DNS servers (Microsoft, Open source and SOLIDserver Appliances and Packages) and Cloud DNS services (AWS Route 53, Azure DNS Zones). It also brings strengthened DDoS attack protection and improved mitigation of zero-day exploits.

“We are pleased to announce the release of the SOLIDserver 8.0 at this pivotal moment where hybrid multi cloud platforms are vital for the everyday operations of businesses and in the transition to the hybrid workplace” says Jean-Yves Bisiaux, CTO of EfficientIP. “With our new offering, EfficientIP provides multi cloud management functionality to enhance control, performance and security of your DNS infrastructure.”

On the network security side, the release makes additions to two areas of functionality: With regards to elevating application access control for Zero Trust security, the update prevents the blocking of legitimate users and improves forensic capability thanks to enhanced DNS query filtering and the associated countermeasures applied. For simpler and expanded security policy deployment, the release provides even more flexibility and capacity for implementing DNS security policies due to increased number of views and more ways to identify DNS clients.

You can learn more about the release and features of the new 8.0 of EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver at