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Aryaka Capitalises on European ‘Big Telco’ Exodus with Industry Veteran

Former TalkTalk exec and entrepreneur to lead SASE pioneer as European enterprises adopts new connectivity models

Aryaka®, the leader in global connectivity services, today announced the strengthening of its EMEA leadership with the appointment of industry veteran, Steve Harrington, formerly of Talk Talk Business, as its managing director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). 

Taking the reins from Ian McEwan, recently promoted to global Chief Revenue Officer, Harrington’s remit is to continue the success of Aryaka in offering a viable and current alternative to slow-moving traditional telcos and PTT. His priorities include reviewing go-to-market models, strategic hiring and supporting the growing number of EMEA clients for Aryaka’s SaaS model including WD-40, Coats and SAP.

The enterprise sales team Harrington is building has already seen success with Aryaka Proof of Concepts (POCs) which demonstrate to customers just how powerful improved digital experiences can be as a business driver. This is especially true of transnationals who need access to large markets like China and those working with key Aryaka partners such as Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom and Computacenter.

Harrington said: “The market for enterprise connectivity and secured enterprise applications has changed radically during lockdown. Many enterprises in the EMEA region grew dissatisfied with being tied into inflexible long-term contracts. Today, as economic activity returns, businesses require maximum flexibility to adapt to new working models, rising online traffic and never-before-seen cyber security channels. We know performance matters, because when teams are productive, companies become more agile.”

Prior to joining Aryaka, Harrington held several senior roles advising large enterprises on the telco strategy. Now, with the integration of SaaS and the proliferation of e-commerce channels forcing businesses to react to unrelenting challenges to their current business models, Harrington is focusing on what ties it all together: flawless connectivity and airtight security. This need to constantly redesign new digital offers, coupled with the need for end-to-end services which can be redesigned at will, has put Aryaka on the short list for more European prospects than ever.

Harrington concluded: ”The beauty of Aryaka’s offer is its ability to change businesses. With flexibility and performance comes agility. With more feedback about the digital experience from employees and partners come more opportunities to design and plan with confidence. We are seeking out those international, forward-looking enterprises where we can bring the most value, and as the Aryaka difference becomes clearer we are beginning to see them seek out Aryaka too.”  


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Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN and SASE company, and a Gartner “Voice of the Customer” leader, makes it easy for enterprises to consume network and network security solutions delivered as-a-service for a variety of modern deployments. Aryaka uniquely combines innovative SD-WAN and security technology with a global network and a managed service approach to offer the industry’s best customer and application experience. The company’s customers include hundreds of global enterprises including several in the Fortune 100.

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