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UK Workers Left Frustrated by Lack of Remote IT Support

New research shows 56% of UK workers have waited up to three hours extra to resolve an IT issue when working from home

Over half of UK employees (56%) have waited up to three hours extra to resolve an IT issue since moving to remote work, a new survey has found.

And it’s starting to affect productivity, as one in four remote workers (25%) said poor performing IT equipment made it hard to work and 31% unable to effectively communicate with colleagues.

The results are part of the ‘Supporting Your Remote Workforce in 2021 and Beyond’ report, commissioned by Velocity Smart, investigating the future of IT support in a post-Covid-19 era.

The solution isn’t to send employees back to the office, warns Velocity Smart CEO, Anthony Lamoureux, but  to make sure employees have 24/7 access to replacement devices.

“Minimising employee downtime due to an IT failure was a constant challenge when the majority of the workforce was office based, now it has become an almost impossible conundrum as the workforce can be spread over 100s, sometimes 1000s of miles,” says Lamoureux.

86% of UK workforces said they wanted the option to pick up replacement equipment using a self-service system, while three quarters (76%) welcomed the use of smart lockers that housed replacement IT equipment, ready to collect and use if they encountered an IT problem.

“Flexible working is here to stay, but it seems no one’s told the IT departments, who are having to constantly keep up with new issues with old investments. Businesses need to think smart about how they support a remote workforce.”

“When something goes wrong, remote working employees need to be able to quickly and simply request replacement tech. 24/7 IT support should now be expected as standard. A seamless ‘click and collect’ model, similar to what we experience in retail, has to become the future standard for the modern workplace,” Lamoureux concludes.