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International Day of Charity – Code Ninjas franchisees around the nation are giving back to local communities

As part of their commitment to the coding talent of tomorrow, Code Ninjas franchisees are passionate about the ways in which they can give back to their communities. Since the first UK location opened its doors last summer, franchisees around the country have hosted all manner of charitable events and campaigns in a bid to support those most in need. The latest initiative, executed by the team at Code Ninjas Cheltenham, has been devised to ensure as many children as possible – no matter their background – can enjoy the coding curriculum on offer at the specialist coding hubs.

Dafydd Moore, who has launched his franchise with wife, Mel, after struggling to find after-school coding clubs for their two sons, has wholeheartedly embraced Code Ninjas’ caring and inclusive ethos by launching his scholarship programme. The scholarships are designed to allow disadvantaged children to take part in Code Ninjas’ coding classes, making problem solving and critical thinking skills more accessible for as many ninjas – the name given to Code Ninjas’ students – as possible.

“The demand for the Code Ninjas curriculum really helps demonstrate that we are, as a society and a community, taking positive steps towards equipping our younger generation with the ability to navigate the ongoing technological developments in the workplace,” explained Dafydd, who as well as being a Code Ninjas franchisee is Head of IT for a global technology brand. “With access to the scholarship, children from low-income families who are showing an interest in coding would be offered the chance to learn with us at our Code Ninjas location and gain all-important skills for the future. To ensure this scholarship scheme is accessible to as many students as possible, we’ve made a plee to local technology companies in Cheltenham, asking them to contribute approximately £100 per month towards the scheme.”

Those chosen for the scholarship programme will also have the opportunity to attend a one-week Code Ninjas summer camp, with equipment and extras covered by Dafydd and Mel. Dafydd was inspired to utilise the programme, which other Code Ninjas franchisees around the world operate in their own locations, so he could help children in his own community.

“So far, one ninja has joined us through our new scholarship programme. The child is really keen on coding and is from a low-income single-parent home – essentially, I would love to extend this offer to more children,” added Dafydd.

Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas, is proud to support and celebrate the charitable and community-focused efforts of franchisees in the US, Canada and the UK.

“When prospects enquire about investing in a Code Ninjas franchise opportunity, it’s imperative that we feel they will make a real effort to support their communities wholeheartedly. Being a business owner comes with a certain amount of responsibility and, for Code Ninjas, working with those less fortunate couldn’t be more of a priority. It’s fantastic to see people like Dafydd and Mel putting this commitment into practice and using his background in technology to good use. Our franchisees are a constant source of inspiration for the entire global Code Ninjas family.”

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