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Colt Connected Classroom has landed worldwide

Colt Technology Services has today announced the launch of its first globally inclusive and connected Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme with Colt employees at its core – the Colt Connected Classroom.

In partnership with London-based social enterprise Night Zookeeper, the initiative sees Colt donate over 1000 used laptops across the world to children at risk of being left behind by a lack of technology. Night Zookeeper’s charitable programme aims to address the digital divide and provide children with access to online creative writing games to improve their writing skills. The world-leading learning platform emphasises creativity and self-expression while teaching children core English skills.

Every child receiving a Colt laptop will gain a license to the Night Zookeeper platform and an invitation to join the Colt Connected Classroom, a private and safe virtual space where they are encouraged by professional tutors, Colt mentors and their peers to take up creative writing tasks and improve their literacy skills. ​

Night Zookeeper established links in Colt countries where it identified children in need of laptops. Colt employee volunteers will help distribute the laptops from today as part of a wider CSR event taking place across the business. Over two weeks, all Colt employees have been encouraged to take two paid days to volunteer in their local community. Colt is organising group activities, donating to local charities and running charity auctions alongside.

The partnership between Colt and Night Zookeeper will create a sustainable and enduring initiative that delivers ongoing value to Colt’s local communities, supporting children’s literacy through digital tools and the Colt Connected Classroom.

Gary Carr, Colt’s Chief Financial Officer, commented: “At Colt, we believe in the power of connectivity, and the Colt Connected Classroom is a real example of how connectivity can make a positive difference in the world. Working to support our local communities has always been a priority for Colt. With this initiative, we want to help make the world more connected, more sustainable and fairer for all. By donating and reusing old laptops, we’re also saving them from going to waste. That’s why, with the help of our partner, Night Zookeeper, we’re excited to be creating a sustainable programme that brings benefit to people and the planet.”