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PaperCut Announces ‘Sysadmin of the Year’ Winner

Network Manager of Upper Wharfedale School now proud owner of high performance gaming laptop and stylish trophy

PaperCut has announced the winner of the world’s first ‘Sysadmin of the Year’ award. Ripon-based Rob Holmes, Network Manager/Sysadmin at Upper Wharfedale School, Threshfield, Near Skipton, is now the proud owner of a powerful Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model Black Gaming Laptop computer and Golden Keyboard trophy.

Entered for the competition by his colleague Lucy Wade, Business Manager, Upper Wharfedale School, PaperCut’s judges deemed Rob’s entry detailing his qualities as the best sysadmin as the best match for the company’s ‘CHIN’ values – Caring, Honest, Intelligent, Nimble – having combed through hundreds of entries from across the globe.

“I’m absolutely thrilled and astonished to win this award,” Rob said. “When Lucy mentioned that she had entered me for the competition, I never thought for a second that I stood a chance of actually winning!” However, about a month later, Rob received a surprise in his inbox. “I couldn’t believe it when the email from PaperCut arrived telling me that I had won. It took some time for it to sink in! It feels great to be recognised for my work, and I’m going to enjoy the new laptop and will proudly display the fantastic trophy on my desk.”

For the world’s first ‘Sysadmin of the Year’ award, PaperCut asked workplaces around the world to nominate their sysadmin. The event was timed to coincide with International Sysadmin Day, with PaperCut announcing the winner during a YouTube ceremony on 30 July.

PaperCut’s Steve Holmes, EMEA Regional Director, said: “As a print management company we talk to hundreds of sysadmins a week, and we appreciate first-hand the amazing work they do for countless businesses of all shapes and sizes. In fact, our company was co-founded by a former sysadmin. That’s not the only reason we wanted to acknowledge these unsung heroes of modern working life.” Steve continued: “IT teams have always performed incredibly valuable work from behind the scenes. That’s been doubly the case during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sysadmins have shown up every day all over the globe, supporting schools and businesses during lockdown. Without them enabling hybrid and remote working, business and school life would have ground to a halt. We’re sure that Upper Wharfedale School appreciates Rob’s efforts daily, and we congratulate him on his much deserved win.”