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5 reasons to turn your hoverboard into a go-kart

With a hoverboard, you get a fun transport device with two motors, self-balancing technology and a high capacity battery, but did you know that you can transform your hoverboard into a go-kart in seconds with an easy to use attachment kit?

Here are five reasons why you should consider turning your hoverboard into a hoverkart with an easy to use kit:

1. You can max out on speed – there’s no need to feel nervous about falling off and injuring yourself when you ride go-kart style. For example, the G2 8.5” Off Road Hummer from Official Hoverboard, reaches speeds of up to 16 km/h. It’s one of the fastest hoverboards on the market and with a Hoverkart Kit, you’re going to get a more stable ride and it will feel even faster because you are closer to the ground. Even better, you won’t be caught off balance by any bumps or potholes. Official Hoverboard is currently offering a G2 Hoverkart Bundle 8.5” Off Road Hummer for just £299.99( reduced from £479.99).

2. It’s safer for kids – there’s no need to worry about your child taking a tumble when the hoverboard is converted to a go-kart. The extra wheel that the go-kart attachment provides increases stability and there is more control from a seated position. And kids will love it too! The Hoverkart Kit makes the hoverboard perfect for racing, even over rougher ground. The kits aren’t just for kids and can accommodate riders of all sizes.

3. Better control – with hand operated levers and brakes, the go-kart attachment kit makes it easier to steer, stop and balance when riding the hoverboard. It’s great for beginners who want to start seated before graduating to a standing ride.

4. Cool tricks – add wheelies to your repertoire of hoverboard tricks with a hoverkart, perform effortless 360° turns and try out some moves that would be much harder if you were trying to keep your balance. The stability of a hoverkart means you can also do impressive tricks on rougher surfaces.

5. Get two gadgets for one – with a go-kart kit, you can use the hoverboard as a go-kart and a segway. It takes just seconds to transform the hoverboard into a hoverkart and the kit is easy to detach. No tools or expertise are needed because the attachment mounts on top of the hoverboard.


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