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How to Choose Material for Outdoor Signs

Are you looking for new materials to make outdoor signs?

Or perhaps, you are looking to cut costs on sign-making?

Either way, it is always a good idea to find out about the latest developments in banner materials so that you can deliver the highest quality products to your customers.

What are outdoor banners typically made of?

Typically, outdoor banners are composed of three plastic-based elements: vinyl, mesh, or fabric. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the right one for your business will depend on a number of factors, including your budget and how long the sign is needed.

Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are made from plastic that is comprised of ethylene and chlorine, which, when combined, forms polyvinyl, otherwise known as PVC.

This type of banner is highly water-resistant, durable, and weather-resistant, making it a great choice for banners that are intended for outdoor use.

Other benefits of vinyl include:

  • Any moisture runs straight off them, and the digital printing remains undamaged.
  • UV resistant ink can be used so that they stay fresh when under direct sunlight
  • They are wind resistant as long as they are tethered well.
  • The quality and durability of the digitally printed designs are very impressive.

If you are looking for a PVC banner that is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, the Soyang Soflex range is exactly what you need. Made with PVC coated polyester, this superior banner material is compatible with a wide range of different inks as well as wear and tear strengths.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are created by intersecting layers of vinyl that are pressed together to form a strong and lightweight base material that wind can pass through.

These types of banners are incredibly lightweight, very strong, and allow sunlight to pass through, which helps maintain the design’s quality.

Other benefits of mesh banners include:

  • They are wind-resistant
  • They are not susceptible to tears or damage
  • They are ideal for long distant viewing

It is worth knowing that the colours and graphics on mesh banners are semi-transparent, sometimes referred to as muted, so they do not view well when seen up close.

Fabric banners

Fabric banners are made from light polyester material and are slightly transparent in their appearance, giving them a modern and stylish look.

They can be used outside as long as they are sheltered from any heavy rain or winds which could tear their delicate material. However, polyester fabric is not suited to an outdoor environment that is highly exposed to sunlight or moisture, so it is a better choice for one-off events or low outdoor usage.

So, what is the right material for an outdoor banner?

The banner material you choose to use will depend on how long you want it to be on display, where you intend to put it, and how you would like it to look.

Fabric banners can work well outdoors for short periods but are susceptible to weather damage. While vinyl banners are ideal for remaining outside all summer long and beyond, mesh banners can withstand nearly all the elements.