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The Sudden Rise of Mobile Ordering Apps and Its Effect on the Hospitality Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic is the most unprecedented event to happen in modern history. It thrust the world into an entirely new age and way of life. The pandemic truly is a unique and unexplored venture for today’s society. Countries around the world were utterly unprepared for a viral outbreak of this scale. It showed in all aspects of society, but one particular field was hit the hardest, and that field was none other than business.

Business in the world all but came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Economies around the world plummeted in countries’ efforts to halt the spread of the virus. As a result, people were made to stay indoors and, as such, work shifted online or remotely from the safety of their homes. For some industries, this worked out perfectly fine, and they were able to operate as usual. Other sectors, however, were hit hard with this mandate to stay at home. For example, the hospitality industry was once one of the world’s most thriving industries, but the COVID-19 pandemic turned it into one of the industries struggling the hardest.

The hospitality industry revolves around the movement and visitation of people. Even in the name ‘hospitality,’ it refers to someone or something hosting a visitor or guest. Members of the hospitality industry include hotels, restaurants, pubs, and bars. From those examples alone, you can understand why government regulations to keep people indoors affect them so greatly. They effectively have no business without people going outside and visiting these bars, restaurants, and pubs. Many companies have closed down or gone bankrupt due to the situation, but a new saving grace has risen to allow them to continue operating. This saving grace is none other than the sudden rise of mobile ordering apps.


Mobile Ordering Apps

The governments’ attempts to halt the spread of the virus have forced people worldwide to stay indoors and keep their trips outside to an absolute minimum. In most cases, only essential work was allowed to continue, and all other businesses would have to transition to remote operations. The hospitality industry was no exception to this, and they had to find a way to exist in this “new normal.”

The solution the industry found was not exactly a new one, but one that many in the industry were yet to adopt. Just because people were staying at home did not mean that they had any less desire to enjoy their favorite food and drinks – if anything, it made them want it even more. So, the solution was to simply bring their food and drink directly to their homes without them needing to leave their residence. All of this was made possible by the various mobile ordering apps available today.

The concept of delivery is not a new one, especially for the fast-food industry. However, the problem was that many establishments could not afford to hire staff and purchase delivery equipment of their own. Mobile ordering apps made this possible by supplying these things for establishments and performing the deliveries themselves. In turn, they earn a delivery fee which is paid by the customer. As a result, people can now just open their mobile ordering app, order from their favorite place, and have the app deliver it straight to them with minimal contact.


At Table Ordering Apps

With the COVID-19 pandemic settling down in many places, restaurants, pubs, and bars have been given the green light to continue operations by their local governments. However, they must still conduct their business in a manner that is safe for everyone and does not promote the spread of the disease.

It has sparked the need for an at table ordering app that allows customers to order and pay without having to go through the staff. Staff at hospitality establishments handle a large number of people daily, which makes them a hotspot for spreading disease. At table ordering apps let the team have minimal contact with the customers they deal with.


The Future of Hospitality

As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations are on the rise, it is looking like things will return to the way they were before. The hospitality industry, however, has been forever changed by this situation. People will not forget what happened during these times, and they also will not forget the benefits mobile ordering apps provide. Customers will still want to have their favorite food from their favorite restaurants delivered to their doorstep. They also will still want to be able to conveniently order and pay from their phones. As a whole, hospitality is shifting towards being centered around these mobile ordering apps, and the pandemic was the push that gave it motion. See the top 5 mobile ordering apps rated here: