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How Cloud Contact Centres Are Reshaping The Customer Service Industry

Also known as a customer interaction centre, a contact centre refers to a central point in any business from which all customer engagements are managed. The primary purpose of this department is to provide the necessary customer support services, technical assistance and help in marketing.

With the introduction of cloud contact centres, all these tasks are centralized and handled on the internet. As such, a contact centre agent can access the database and fulfil their duties from anywhere, without necessarily being at the office. Finding the right cloud contact center in the UK for your business is very crucial to ensure consumer satisfaction, frictionless customer journeys and avoid any frustrations. (1)

So how is the customer service industry benefiting from cloud contact centres? Keep reading to learn more.


Improved agent versatility

Following the effects of COVID-19, most businesses were forced to shift from traditional operations to working from home. What you might not realize is that this change has been taking place gradually for years, thanks to cloud-based technology. With such a system, anyone from the company can access the company’s data from wherever they are, provided they have the authority to do so. (2)

With the introduction of cloud-based solutions in contact centre operations, agent versatility is one of the benefits that businesses will enjoy. The technology allows one to access and process data on an on-demand basis, enabling customer service departments to work round the clock. As such, all companies, including start-ups, will be able to have their customer care agents available 24/7.


Enhanced customer experience

Until recently, most customer service departments didn’t have enough resources to continue operating beyond business hours. Of course, some companies were able to hire more agents, while others were forced to work overtime. This seemed productive at the time, but it didn’t bring the best out of some employees, which also affected customer experience.

Cloud-based solutions, however, allow employees to work at the comfort of their homes or private offices and still complete their duties. With such comfort afforded to contact centre agents, there will definitely be an improvement in customer experience.

As mentioned earlier, cloud technology allows contact centre agents to operate from virtually anywhere. Most businesses have already taken advantage of this feature and employed virtual agents from across the globe. This move significantly impacts customer experience because now every agent can be assigned customers from their own country or region. It’s an effective strategy when trying to connect with consumers without risking any cultural disagreements.


High scalability

How many times have you come across this term? It’s a term that appears in almost every business-related discussion. Business scalability simply means the capacity to increase or reduce in size without too much hassle. That’s precisely what cloud-based contact centres bring to businesses.

Customer service is one of the busiest departments in any company. This amount of work is expected because these employees interact directly with the customers and suppliers. However, it can get very hectic during the holidays or other peak periods, depending on the business. Initially, this would mean overworking current workers because there wasn’t enough space to handle new resources. 

Cloud-based solutions make it a lot simpler by allowing companies to employ more employees without worrying about the available physical space. This unlimited scalability doesn’t only enhance flexibility but also overall business productivity.


Rapid deployment and implementation of ideas

If you’ve been wondering how technology increases productivity and how you could maximise your employees’ skills, then a cloud-based contact centre could be your solution. With this system, you can implement your ideas within the shortest time possible, provided you have a working strategy in place. This is a move toward the right direction, given how time consuming introducing new policies in any customer service department can be. 

For instance, a cloud-based contact centre allows you to integrate voice and chatbots into your system to reduce call centre volume, especially during peak seasons like the holidays. The good thing is that all these can be introduced into your current system without having to make any changes to existing policies.



Cloud-based solutions are constantly growing in popularity as more businesses continue to embrace newer technology to stay on top. This innovation also brings agent versatility, enhanced customer experience, high scalability and rapid implementation of ideas. All these are reshaping the customer service industry in one way or another. As a business, you must adapt to new changes to remain competitive in the market.



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