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Cambium Networks Expands Outdoor Wireless Solutions for Campus and Public Networks with Trailblazing Wi-Fi 6 Performance and Range

Leader in outdoor wireless solutions announces new high efficiency Wi-Fi 6 access points shattering the conventional wisdom of Wi-Fi performance and range

 Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM), a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced new XV2-2T outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access points capable of covering significantly larger areas in campus area networks and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications compared to competitive solutions. The new access points offer up to 1 km range, enabling a significant reduction in the equipment and cost required to cover a given area. When paired with Cambium Networks’ multi-gigabit 60 GHz cnWave solutions for Wi-Fi backhaul, network operators can blanket large areas with blazingly fast speeds.

The XV2-2T outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point is the latest addition to Cambium Networks’ wireless fabric portfolio of solutions composed of multi-gigabit fixed wireless distribution and backhaul, indoor and outdoor high-performance Wi-Fi access, and wireless-optimized switching – all centrally managed through the cnMaestro™ system.

In field trials, the XV2-2T was recently deployed during an Olympic trials track event at the McKenzie Community Track in Oregon as part of a pop-up network with a PMP 450 CBRS broadband infrastructure to support hundreds of attendees, athletes, and staff onsite, in addition to live streaming video of the event.

“The XV2-2T has high-gain antennas that consistently supported excellent performance at extended ranges. During the event, one AP covered the entire facility and delivered sufficient bandwidth to stream video from the event with no problems to 157 unique user devices,” said T. Geoff Turner, CEO, Elevate Technology Group, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Oregon who managed the installation. “Users were able to connect across the stadium to the AP at distances of several hundred meters with no issues.”

“We are beyond pleased with the performance and more importantly the coverage of the XV2-2T,” said Chaz Hager, President, North River IT, an MSP in North Dakota. “For an ‘outdoor’ AP, it should be called a ‘go through anything AP’ as it is breaking down barriers in tough to reach locations to solve tough installation challenges.”

“We installed the Cambium XV2-2T in a public open area of our campus. It has been impressive, with much better range and capacity compared to older generation technology,” said Shawn Kung, Director, Information Technology at the University Mary Hardin-Baylor. “This solution fits well with our needs in expanding coverage across campus in public spaces and dense event areas. Even more intriguing is the ability to combine it with Cambium’s 60 GHz cnWave for the Wi-Fi backhaul as an end-to-end wireless solution”

“Cambium Networks has a heritage of delivering innovative wireless technology solutions,” said Rad Sethuraman, Vice President of Product Management at Cambium Networks. “As examples of this, our point-to-point wireless technology has delivered voice calls and high-definition video up to 245 km distances. Our 60 GHz cnWave Wi-Fi solutions are capable of >10 Gbps speeds connecting buildings and sites across campus and metro networks. And now, the new XV2-2T outdoor Wi-Fi 6 solution delivers usable range up to 1 km and is able to do so at a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to competitive solutions in the market.”

The XV2-2T includes key functionality that delivers outstanding coverage and performance, including:

  • Unique antenna design: High-efficiency antennas deliver an average of 7 dBi gain over 360 degrees with maximum gain and minimum nulls
  • PoE-out up to 30 Watts for external IP/Ethernet devices such as an IP camera, 60 GHz node, or another Wi-Fi access point
  • longer guard interval and preamble boost to improve signal integrity particularly in interference prone networks
  • All-in-one design with integrated wall or pole mount hardware maximizes deployment flexibility
  • Coverage options include omni-directional and 120-degree sectored

As evidence of the solution’s capabilities, Cambium Networks conducted outdoor range testing of the XV2-2T and several competitive solutions connecting to a smartphone client. The omni-directional version of the AP delivered four times the range compared to Ruckus and Meraki solutions connecting to a smartphone. At a 1 km distance, the system was able to deliver over 20 Mbps sustained downstream throughput. The results of these tests can be viewed in this video and summarized in the following chart.

Cambium Networks XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 AP Outperforms the Competition

Cambium Networks XV2-2T Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 AP Outperforms the Competition

“The XV2-2T’s greater range means that a given area can be covered with far fewer APs,” said Bruce Miller, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing, Cambium Networks. “This translates to significantly lower equipment, backhaul, cabling, installation and ongoing maintenance costs. Combine this with the highly attractive price point of the product itself and you dramatically reduce both the initial investment in the solution and the total cost of ownership over its lifetime.”

Longer Range of Cambium Networks XV2-2T Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor AP Delivers Increased Coverage

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Cambium Networks is celebrating a Decade of Excellence in 2021 with more than 10 million radios shipped worldwide since commencing operations in 2011.

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